The symbolic opportunity-Symbolism series #1

the great combination lock

Many times in our lives we are faced with a decision to make as to whether to sieze an opportunity, wait, or let it go by forever..

Often it is good to wait as we later discover a downside that would have been part of the choice we didnt make to go for it.

However other times prove later to have been good missed opportunities where we either hesitated or just decided to pass on.

Time stands still for no one so if the feeling of siezing an opportunity is strong our instinct will usually be correct.

This can be illustrated as the functioning of a combination lock.

Start with "the prize" at the center of the paper

Draw a series of concentric rings around it each with a gap which can vary in size from a few degrees to almost the whole circle.

These are circumstances. The open part is when you can pass thru .

Consider that all are rotating at their own speed so the normal way to get from the outside to the objective is to pass thru each opening when recognized and wait for the next one to come arounnd.

There will be times when more than one is alaigned and rare instances when they are all lined up for a direct access to the prize.

Action must be immediate since the condition will not remain for long.

This alignment of gaps is the principle that most locks work on.

It also can illustrate when many circumstances are aligned to provide success. As all of these circumstances are variable in their own right opportunity must be siezed when recognized.

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