21st Century Wizadry

Not a "how to column" so don't ask--from 2008

'The Wizard of Menlo Park' Who was he?

I wonder how many of our present generation could answer this with 'Thomas Alva Edison' the genius inventor who among other things invented the electric light bulb and a system of public distribution of electricity.

To the people of his time he was a Wizard as few understood electricity or its principles of physics

. The Wizards of legend are known for their utilization of magic to perform their art. Notice I said 'legend' for few today actually believe that magic was real or that even the persons called wizards were real.

Hard headed realists don't 'believe', they know.

If magic is not understandable by the use of science and logic it is not considered a valid part of reality.

Religion is considered a form of magic by the extreme hard heads who deny any existance beyond what they can percieve.

These are the true atheists.

Then there are the thinking scientists like physicist Albert Einstien. Few understand his work but a day in the 1940s at Almagordo New Mexico demonstrated quite dramatically that he knew what he was talking about.

And God was real to Einstien.

Perhaps in not the same image that many reading this see Him as but still a Universal principle of Infinite qualities.

If the God that Einstien realized made sense then that's a pretty good reason for me to trust a mind that functioned way beyond the present ability of my own.

Now back to 21st Century wizadry.

Wizards of old had their potions and substances plus rituals. Later we have alchemists then chemists all with their liquids and substances and procedures. 'Same stuff, different day' (period)

What would you expect the 21st Century Wizard to use, bat's wings and spider webs? How about computers, the internet and cell phones?

It's not the nature of the tools although the effective ones are what are found to be appropriate for the times and situation.

It's what is done with the tools more than what the specific tools are.. Is wizadry a science or an art? Before answering ask if medicine is either all one or the other.

Or even public finance? Although much has been observed, analyzed and quantified, so much still seems unpredictable the the successful persons in their fields are more than manipulators of data.

Their own beings are capable of adding something to what they experience which actually could be described as entropy.

The effect on reality that someone like Bill Gates or the Inventors of the Apple computer have puts to shame the puny results of wizards of old.

© 2008 albert vallone (albert 1) - 1/4/17

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