From Valledolmo and Ciarda to Livonia- five stars shone proudly

The Vallone-West Story

Antonio and Castrenza (Christina) Vallone, with their two children Giuseppe and Giuseppina (Joseph, age four and Josephine, age 10 ) left the Sicilian mountain village of Valledolmo to board a steam ship .for America.

They arrived at the Ellis Island NY immigration center where Joseph was almost rejected due to a congenital eye condition.

The family first stayed with relatives in Buffalo NY for a while before moving to a small dwelling on railroad property at Livonia Center NY where Antonio worked for the Railroad and Christina at a nearby small vegetable canning operation.

It was there that Thomas their first American child was born. He was ill from birth and died in infancy.

Their next male child would also be named Thomas.

Later the growing family rented a house on Washington St in Livonia NY.

As the children grew older Josephine Married Samuel West who came from Ciarda Sicily along with his family. Sam's father Francisco Vasta Americanized the family name to its English equivalant, West. Sam's brother Michael married Laura Smith of Livonia and was the former proprieter of thje Livonia Hotel.

Sam's brother Charles became a prominant Rochester Attorney.

Michael's grandson, Frank, owns the West's Surfine grocery in Livonia NY.

One of Michael,s daughters, Carol, married E. Phillip Saunders a Livonia NY school classmate who became very successful in the business world with his Henrietta Truckstops, Griffith Oil and one hundred Sugar Creek convenience store and gas station business.

Joe the younger son also served in the U.S. army.

The older Vallone children were now earning money enabling the family to buy a house and property at the intersection of North and Washington Streets in Livonia.

Christina raised chickens and greenhouse plants. Antonio planted a small vineyard .

Their oldest son Joseph had built the greenhouse for his mother.

Josephine and Sam West had a daughter Ann who married Brud Nesbitt They had three sons.

Francis West, Sam's eldest son, maried Dorothy Giltner. Bud (Anthoiny), Sam's middle son, Jim, the youngest son, married Sybil Gunther Three of Antonio and Christina sons and two daughters all served in the military services in WWII.

Five stars honoring their service, were displayed in Antonio and Christina's window. This was the first time five members of one family were all serving at one time in Livonia. The family was the first in Livonia to proudly hang five stars in their front window to signify their contribution to the American war effort even though Antonio as an Italian citizen had to be legally registered as an enemy alien of the United States..

Joseph the oldest son and Sarah the oldest dughter remained in Livonia to help their parents while their brothers and sisters were off to war.. Joseph a carpenter by trade,worked in various places helping the war effort like Sampson air base in Geneva and Kodak Hawkeye in Rochester.

Joseph, Antonnio and Christina's eldest son who had been born in Sicily, married Virginia Romeo from Rochester where Virginia had worked at Bausch and Lomb Optical, returning to do so for a while during the war..

The first two grandchildren to bear the Vallone name were Joseph and Virginia's son and daughter Albert and Teresa

Joseph's sister Janice an Army nurse, married Albert Mignimi from Mount Morris, another Army nurse.

Joseph's Sister Sarah, a nurse married Richardv Welch, a nurse.

Mary Vallone, the youngest of Antonio and Christina's eight Vallone children, joined the Coast Guard before marrying Hugh Clark an Army Air Corps Bomber crewman,

Tom Vallone, a Navy SeeBee, married Sue Biondolillo from Mt Morris

, Jim, a Navy sailor, married Katherine Brisbane from Lima NY

The youngest son Chip (Charles), married Charlotte Charles from Warsaw.

Christina's sister Jennie Muscato lived in Livonia Center . Her large family is well known in the area.

Joseph's three brothers Tom, Jim, and Chip started a successful plumbing and heating business 'Vallone Brothers' after they were discharged from military service. Jim's sons Dick, Dan, qand Mike started DD&M plumbing and heating.

Dick later became a manager for St John's nursing Home in Rochester.

Chip's two sons Bob and Bill work independantly in the same trade.

The small family that emigrated from a small Sicilian village had become a very large and successful extended family in a small American village.

Josephine's Husband, Sam West started West Beer Distributing. Their son Francis owned it for many years. His widow, Dorothy after running it for many years with the help of Francis's brothers and sister, Bud, Jim and Ann eventually sold the business to Budwiser.

Bud West is now President of the Hemlock Fair.

Bob Vallone, Chip's son, served with distinction with the Fire Department and Dan, Jim's son,serves with the fire and ambulance squad. Michael Vallone, Jim's son served in the Vietnam war where he was decorated for combat action he was involved in on Hamburger Hill.

Mary Vallone Clark who was Antonio's and Christina's youngest daughter served in the U.S Coast guard during WWII and the Livingston County Sherrif's department as a civilian aide.

The Vallone and West families that descended from Antonio and Christina Vallone and Francisco Vasta (West) can be proud of their service and contribution to their community and country both in war and peacetime.

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