Plastic eaters headed for extinction -updated

is it too late?

From 2015

Yesterday I was in a Tops supermarket in Avon NY and spied some bottles of my favorite Italian sparkling mineral water by S Pellegrino which I prefer over the French Perrier

. As I grabbed the bottle it felt strange for glass BECAUSE IT WASNT'

Now I HAVE TO TAP EACH BOTTLE I BUY FOR THE DISTINCTIVE 'TINK' SOUND that glass makes. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The users of baby bottles to give their children milk are switching from clear plastic back to glass.

It has been proven that a chemical in any plastic slowly leaches into what ever the bottle contains.

If so, the danger to our children, what about adults?

For safety try buying small bottles of spring water in glass bottles.

Fifty years ago no one thought about what lead was doing to our home environments.

How many years will it take to recognize the connection between plastic leachates and effects on the human genome?

The dinosaurs revenge :=(

All plastic was once dead dinos.

© 2008 albert vallone - 9/15/16

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