Two Gods, No Devil, but who' s keeping score? updated

definitely speculative spirituality

This column is an effort to meld three concepts which I have previously written on.

Most humans claim to be "one God" people as I once did prior to the writing of this column.

It is very necessary that I discern fact from opinion here as I once was advised to know or not know but not believe.

This once was my motto but now has changed in it's basic nature of what "knowledge" really is.

Mario Cuomo wrote of knowing "a reason to believe".

The type of belief I now accept is based on a form of logic I AM comfortable with.

There is a danger here of circular reasoning depending on what foundation the reason to believe is built on.

Someone telling me something contrary to my intellect and resulting logic is not sufficient as a reason to believe as that would be blind faith.

I do not deny a person blind faith but demand that it be acknowledged as such.

Now I KNOW there is something which goes by many names including God to some, which is eternal and existed before the beginning of time.

This Power, Being, or what have you is the basis from which all follows in time.

This is not a belief to me but a logical conclusion which ends in all that I AM.

My self awareness would be impossible without what I just described.

For purposes of keeping order in this column I'll call it God number one.

In Genesis The Word is spoken of.

God # 1 spoke this Word.

In other religions this concept also exists however I AM not familiar with how it is portrayed.

Then there is God Number Two

This folks is the interesting one since there is little agreement as to its attributes and whether the "it" is actually a He that man is created in the image of.

I recently wrote a column on entities which might logically explain how this God was formed. Yes formed or created by the same people now attempting to define it,

Does it exist?

If you follow my logic of a cumulative consciousness it would have to.

Does it have a logical structure and is it capable of definition?.

Yes in a limited way but perhaps can only be defined only via computer or chess wizard. (those guys have beaten supercomputers)

Is it predictable?, Yes.

Why is so little mentioned of such a concept? That's my question also.

And lastly we have, in my opinion, the most illogical fairy tale going, The Devil or Satan.

In Religious mythology Satan is one of God's former heavenly angels.

God is said to have made him and gave him power.

Most illogical!

God made something that would gum up his own work.

Most illogical and unmerciful by the way !

God made something that is behind bringing grief on those undeserving of it.

Most illogical, if that same God has been defined as merciful and absolute in His powers.

Does something exist that causes humans problems?.

Of course there is a reality in that people perceive of as a devil.

Can perception be illusion?

Of course.

Does that make it functionally any less "real"? NO!

Please do not comment on this prior to reading "Entities" as it more fully explains the nature and logic of god #2.

After considering this column, my Entities one and my previous "Clan of Egos" a Eureka moment occurred causing me to write a fourth column concerning a logical devil.

The column is titled "Hoisted by My Own Petard"

© 2008 albert vallone - 7/21/10

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