I Wonder Why.

It's time to show your cards.

A  situation in Texas once  caused me to wonder why WOTL only had  one column that directly relates to it.  Even then no comments on that column appeared.

 The FLDS church in Texas was involved in  a situation where authorities  had to remove minor children  from church property and control. 

This church and its members is the same one where a former leader Warren Jeffs has been convicted and imprisoned for his involvement with improper sexual situations and conduct of himself and some members towards minor children.. 

One news commentator called the FLDS members "American Taliban". 

As information continues to be revealed concerning the FLDS, the commentator's judgement seemed quite accurate. 

I also  wonder if  the FLDS philosophy and behavior is considered far right or far left?

 Be careful, as this is a rhetorical question.

© 2008 albert vallone - 2/23/15

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