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a miracle perhaps?

In 1966(?) My mother and I was returning from visiting my sister in Oswego. Not being totally aware of the Winter Lake Effect I chose route 104 at the beginning of a snow storm. The driving became increasingly worse and no other cars seemed to be foolish enough to be using the road.

We became stuck and unable to move the car. (this is before cell phones.)

My mother was a worrier whereas for some reason I never seem to have acquired the habit.

although she was not expressing her panic I was well aware of it and told her we had to wait that help would be by soon..

Within about 10 minutes a tow truck appeared, stopped briefly, and said he had to go down the road then returned helping us turn around for no charge and we made it back to Oswego,

The amount of times this writer has been is peril which resulted un a good outcome has way passed in his opinion pure chance.

Angels may be a simplistic explanation but it also could be seen as the Infinite directly doing It's thing.


© 2003 albert vallone - 3/30/10

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