'Christians' Judging, and Vengeance', repost from 2007 with postscript

'It's still in the Bible'

Third update:

After reading the denial by one Christian I felt inspired to present the views by some others as portrayed in the commentary following this column.
Interestingly some of the views are by some very conservative Bible Believers

Second Update: Earlier in the twentieth century prisons were considered "correctional institutions"

I wonder when it was that the decision was made to return their purpose to institutions of vengeance.

Some day I might find someone who can explain the difference between punishment or intentional consequences and vengeance.

While they are at it I might ask them if they are " true believers" or only quote The Bible when convenient.

Postscript concerning a local situation: Four teens have been caught on video harassing ot bullying an elderly female bus monitor.

The community desire to punish the teens has not been unexpected with conservative elements calling for various violent means of applying punishment as they blame liberalism and the unwillingness to utilize corporal punishment as a disciplinary tool. It remains my opinion that Jesus knew the human psyche better than any other prophets when he taught his message of love that advised vengeance belied by His Father.

Of course our Conservative commentators claim agency in this regard so who are the rest of us to deny God's representatives?

Updating this as it relates to the mother whose child died in an overheated car and my respect for the official from Wyoming County NY who thinks she suffered enough._Perhaps he read his Bible_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Two points which continually arise concerning the behavior of professed "Christians" who claim to be directed from what is in the Bible is their actions concerning judging others and seeking or encouraging vengeance (punishment) for wrongdoers.

I can understand how many of life's activities are not specifically spelled out in the Bible and therefore are subject to interpretation however not so with judging and vengeance.

I would venture a guess that less than fifty percent of professed Christians comply with Biblical imperatives concerning judging others and vengeance.

The harsh judgements leveled against Anna Nicole Smith are in my opinion a very good example of the hypocrisy in this regard.

© 2007 albert vallone - 4/15/15

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