Jefferson's Bible ---repost from 2007----

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Thomas Jefferson was a Deist, that is he believed in one God which has an effect on our lives.

Jefferson was also a free thinker with strong anti-clerical sentiments as evidenced by the many quotes the Fundamentalist Christians would wish were not in evidence.

Jeffersons crowning achievement regarding religion was publishing his own version of "The Bible"

Why would a free thinker publish a Bible?

For exactly the reason Jefferson did. He stripped the new Testament of all mythology and made the Book into a practical manual for modern behavior.

Now my question would be. Is this a Bible or not? Who has the authority to decide?

Bibles have been published that strip away the old language styles while replacing them with modern vernacular.

Is this "plain folks speak" style Bible any less legitimate than Jefferson's?

When I see or hear the words "The Bible" I always ask in my mind "which one?".

"By whose authority?"

When a writer or speaker does not specify I revert to my own version which maintains the Aramaic concepts as translated by George Lamsa.

True it went thru a Greek translation phjase but has recovered the Aramaic flavor as seen in the ancient spoken tradition callled the Persh!!tta.

is my Bible any less legitimate? Some Fundamentalist scholars think so.

A comparison of the versions they prefer with the Lamsa one easily shows why.

© 2007 albert vallone - 1/25/13

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