A LOVE of WISDOM--a repost from 2003 when I first arrived here in WOTL

what better goal?

The teacher began the philosophy course by illustrating the construction of the word philosophy.

From the Greek, it translates into two words: love and wisdom.

An incomplete description of love might begin by saying that love is something beneficial or desirable. This seems to support its linking to wisdom to describe

. Older often indicates wiser, however many younger people can demonstrate superior wisdom to their seniors, so this presumption is better avoided.

Knowledge also can indicate wisdom but again it is the application or utilization of knowledge which may qualify as indicating wisdom so again superior knowledge is not a safe indicator.

'All desires, when satisfied, lead to others until the desire for wisdom becomes paramount'.

This bit of wisdom which originated in the ancient manuscripts of India seems almost impossible to refute and know well, many others including this writer have attempted to.

The only proof of wisdom's validity is testing by application.

If the results are satisfactory then one may say that a practical philosophy is attainable by adopting the use of proven wisdom.

The knowledge that one is on a valid path still leaves the question, 'to what end?' and another, 'does one ever need more wisdom to remain on this valid path'?

If one begins in a state of wisdom then by definition wise choices will be made.

If one in wisdom realizes that the accumulation of more knowledge is necessary that will be accomplished.

Will wisdom make the task easy?.Not necessarily, as tasks requires energy.

Even if the work is partly done by others energy will be needed to supervise.

Is the attainment of an objective(to some called Paradise)) at the end of the path of life one's only goal?

How about the satisfaction derived from the wise knowledge that one is doing 'the right thing' as we walk the path? Will a 'wise one' make mistakes?, of course.

Additional wisdom and knowledge will aid in their correction.

Where does love fit into this picture?

Wisdom will aid in answering this and all other questions.

Aid, certainly, but will all questions of life be answered?. Who knows?

© 2003 albert vallone - 4/2/16

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