CHRISTUS , The third dialog-for the Easter Season

A conversation with the Master Within.

A caution to readers. This column involves speculative spirituality and is not to be taken or assumed that I claim any of its inferences as provable fact.

____________________________________________________________ On my next stroll along the Yellow Sea's shore I intended to again contact what I had begun a dialog with.

At first I had experienced the vision of Jesus walking on water as He came out of the mist to visit me, but later I was made to understand that was a deliberate illusion created by something within my being that I had always been somewhat aware of.

The image of a bearded man in sandals speaking in a human voice had been replaced by a voiceless, wordless, Presence.

This ability of mine to comprehend without words and their involved images is something I have begun to develop due to the learning of a unique mental excercise which I occasionally mention on line.

In Scripture we are instructed to "seek the Master within"

My own conclusion is that this is the basis for mysticism whereas many approach spirituality via an external organized social system called "church" or even learn via an individual person acting as teacher or "guru".

I understand the possible danger with relying upon one's inner self for guidance but it must also be admitted that the external route is not free from possible error either.

The best test of truth is to apply it to reality. If one suspects they may have found an answer to a problem let him try using it.

As I settle down to contact the part of my inner self which I now assume is connected to or is part of the Infinite I still hold a fading image of Jesus as portrayed by artists,

I still recall in my delusion, conversing with this person as if He was another man like myself sitting beside me.

For clarity I will utilize this image and concept in this report of my dialog.

"So Jesus" I began, "Whoa!", I AM cautioned, "I AM not Jesus!!" "Oh boy what is going on now?" I wondered as the soundless voice continued

"I AM what I AM and I AM not the image you presently are holding in your mind. You still see the man and body of Jesus of Nazereth which was the human body I expressed myself through as I brought the new way to the people of His time."

"Yes, I AM beginning to see what you are saying" I thought

The Voicless One continued;

"You haven't caught on yet to one of the great errors in this whole understanding that most of the people claiming to be Christian hold"

"And that would be?" I asked

The Voice continued;

"When Jesus the man was speaking He was not speaking as man, but as God, perhaps with a humanized flavor but the real Truth was flowing thru the human body and from the part of the total being which is known to be Infinite and uncorruptable."

"That makes sense" I thought "so what seems to be the problem?"

" The confusion beween the man Jesus of Nazereth and the Christ principle which he taught, being seen as one and the same.

As humans tend to do when a person seems to be great for some reason or another, a cult of personaality develops and overshadows the person's true work and meaning."

It is not about the personality of the man Jesus but about the Christ principle which needs teaching to the people.

When Jesus was heard to use the word "me" he meant the Christus or essence of his being and what it really was.

All the lessons where the Christ principle was intended as the object to be taught, have been misinterpreted by most..

It is as if they see the human person Jesus of Nazerth involved when really it was only his Christus, the I AM." which mattered

"That does it" I thought "as most of the hard heads won't buy this explanation"

Just then another strong message presented"

"I have all the time in the world for that to happen and then some."

Then I understood that I was judging this process on my terms and realized the error of doing so.

© 2006 albert vallone - 4/5/15

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