Happy Birthday Jesus,- repost-

I continue to choose love over fear

It is said, so I AM told that "Jesus lives" so I will address the living You, Birthday greetings from one who does not claim to be one of the group of people calling themselves Christians.

I have read much about your birth, life, death, and resurrection, thinking of course that much has been distorted and embellished to promote the agendas of the writers throughout the years.

Underneath all that has been written and spoken a message comes through that resonates with the part of me which I know to be immortal so you can relax . A little; it did make it through.

You brought to your people a new way to serve the Most High and even more importantly, serve each other with Love.

You said you were here not to change but to fulfill the Law of Isreal.

By your teachings and example you showed how to express this new love for each other in a practical way.

You were not showing us so much how to get to Heaven but how to make our lives here more Heaven like.

You demonstrated forgiveness and cautioned us not to judge.

You told us not to seek vengeance yet it remains a large part of our legal system, justified by calliing it "punishment", as "an eye for an eye" remains the best example of the gulf between your words and our deeds.

You plainly said to render onto Ceaser that which fell into his domain.

Yet all seems to this person to fall on deaf ears as Your words seem not to have taken root and sprouted with very many of those claiming you as Master.

How sad it must seem for you. If anyone sees the true meaning of your words and reasons for your birth despite what they hear from those claiming to represent you then I think you will agree that it has all been worth it, a few have.

Happy Birthday

© 2006 albert vallone - 12/25/11

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