My 'littlest angel' Updated: thanks to Marilyn et .

They come in all sizes shapes and forms.

Growing up I always thought I knew what love was but somehow continued to go without any beyond the love one's parents is expected to provide.

At around age forty I started hanging around with a beautiful go-go dancer and meditation teacher who one day remarked 'Albert, someday you will learn what love is'

Since she often made off the wall remarks I didn't pay a lot of attention to this one but somehow it remained in memory.

Anther young lady twenty years my junior met me in a consciousness raising group in 1979 and became attracted to something in my being.

She reached out to me in trust to begin a life-long friendship.

Shortly after me meeting her she acquirerd a border terrier-chihuaha(sp?) mixed breed puppy a little larger than a teacup who acquired the name Pip.

Instant jealousy and insecurity on Albert's part.

AS the relationship and pup both grew I began to relax around him as he loved anyone's attention.

Eventually his character emerged, that of fearlessness which would not be expected of a dog that size.

As I became the main man in his life something began to change in me as I began to resent his presence less and realized there was still enough love left to go around after he got his share.

Pip taught Albert about Love.

They come in many sizes, shapes, and forms, those angels.. Added update: The loved ones we call ours come in many forms. We call them 'ours' yet we didn't create them from nothingness. Now I realized their spiritual significance in the fact that living beings are loaned to us or 'assigned' perhaps, by a Power Greater than Our Dimensional perception (GOD). Thanks LJ.

© 2006 albert vallone - 9/11/13

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