a short treatise on the word 'should'

don't should on me-- a repost

'We' should do this' or 'we should do that'. or even 'they should' It never stops, not even here on WOTL.

Someone has an idea, assumes they have some special authority over all they have included in the word 'We', and begin to interpret the rules thusly for all to follow.

No, even Tonto , the Lone Ranger's faithful companion, when surrounded by indians, realized that it was not on HIS best interests to be included in the Lone Ranger's 'we should' and so replied 'what do you mean 'we should get out of here WHITE MAN!'.

So don't 'should' on me. Even Bob Lonsberry, when his excessive use of this word was mentioned, tried substituting a weaselly 'ought'.

So the next time you are tempted to use should or even ought, see if you can re-word your request.

Resolve to eliminate the word and more importantly, its' meaning.

If you really want to communicate when tempted to use 'should, try 'may' or 'must'. Those two words are less weasally and give a specific sense of what a person is trying to communicate.

© 2006 albert vallone - 4/18/16

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