Life's Purposes, (updated yet again)

perhaps there is more?

New Update: 21 March 2016

Having been married for more than three years now has added an entire dimension to my own personal life.

With marriage comes many new experiences to both live through and share.


Reprinted today as I do now and then since 2004.

In the five of the past postings of this column I used a personal perspective on life.

Since then I added consideration of life as a single entity.

For a smaller example lets use a beehive.

My first two postings were how a single bee sees the hive. Now I will consider the entire hive's swarm as having a coordinated consciousness. What and how would that think?

Back to humanity now, in fact I'll take it further considering that all life began from a single source.

What is life's purpose and means to achieving it?

Does life in general evolve?

To what end?

Considering how a single organism could have grown and killed everything it contacted over the millions of years life has existed on this planet

There must be a unified consciousness and purpose guiding and avoiding total extinction.. That built in factor may work like a holographic projection. It's complexity must be enormous, in fact probably as close to infinitely so as we can conceive of.

It must be guiding life in a direction for a purpose. Randomness or Chaos just is too illogical for what the I AM experience represents and am aware of..

As life moves through time it either evolves or devolves. If it devolves I would think it would have been extinct after a few million years of dangerous mutations.

While in the middle of so much unpleasantness that others are aware of it may be difficult to accept the presence and effect of a positive evolutionary effect but I do. That unpleasantness is relative to some standards people judge things by, while others who might consider different standards as I do see a positive direction regardless of both the true and often relative unpleasantness that exists.

--In 5/18/2016 I added the possibility that I Am now aware of and seem to have very briefly experienced a ast a third perspective of observing as a pure OBSERVER from outside the parameters of EGO.

This displaced perspective at first seemed strangely devoid of an personal emotional aspect until I realsized that my emotions consisted thought plus physical involvement with the body's central nervous system.

The realization that I Am now aware of this perspective of non egocentric consciousness is in my estimation a step forward in the rediscovery or possibly even new discovery process The Observer's role of being involves.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Life is experienced directly by some:

Some just reproduce the experiencers

Some produce the experiences

Some will witness the experiencing

And some will oppose any and all of the above

All will eventually die

Yet Life goes on as does the observing of it

A new awareness of an unemotional Observer's role in the reality of this continuing posting has now been registered here for the witnessing of those who choose to accept it's reality and their role in the witnessing.

a memory comes to mind of having once observed one's infinitely multiple images from between two mirrors facing each other.


© 2004 albert vallone - 1/1/17

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