My God and Yours-from 2004

are they the same?

I have knowledge of a power or force of infinite dimensions. For those unfamiliar with the use of a dictionary infinite means 'without limits'.

My knowledge is one arrived at via logical deduction concerning a Prime Cause as no other explanation has ever been given to me which would allow for a prime cause unless it fits a concept which some including me call God.

My God is not male or female. is not a being in the form of a man and does not sit on a throne running the world with human emotions such as anger or a desire to be vengeful.

For those who have the image of a God in the shape of a man stop here as you wont like the rest of this essay.

Some claim to worship many gods while others claim one. Some bow and serve Mammon the god of money. They relish the power and vengeance producing effect of war as they give tribute to Moloch who they claim ignorance of along with ignorance of the Commandment that they shall have no other gods before them as they worship and acknowledge the Host of Hosts.

They claim knowledge and authority of a Book of Wisdom yet conveniently ignore the fact that its words are in the language of humans and their meanings subject to interpretation.

They then claim that certain humans have the power, ability and authority to discern what is true and what is false concerning what remains unprovable to most.

They also claim that it is impossible for one to know Truth without intervention of an outside organization with its priesthood and agendas.

They don't realize that much of the agenda of any spiritual based organization concerns promoting and maintaining that group with it's hierarchy.

When the hierarchy's agenda conflicts with the welfare of the individual, discernment is always in favor of the group .

These people represent the majority of society and their religious philosophy is very much in evidence in social mores and public law.

There does exist however a small minority of individuals whose spiritual paradigm does not fit the philosophy I just described.

WE see disconnecst between what is written in the various versions of what some call The Holy Bible.

WE see the same problem with those whose holy book is called the Koran or Quaran.

There are also other sacred books also purported to have the all answers for mankind yet wars continue and men continue cruelty towards men while pounding on their favorite holy book claiming that it leads them on the path of justice and mercy.

A great event took place around 2000 years ago where an avatar was born who began a change in the fundamental way that Jews and other Roman citizens behaved towards their fellow citizens. This caused a growth of a political-spiritual movement named after its founder yet a close examination of His teachings on love and other matters again points out a disconnect between His words and the acts of His followers.

This also occurs with the faith of Islam and will probably be found to be a common human failing no matter who is the teacher, how wise the wisdom, or how popular the religion..

Since the grouping of which I claim to be a part of does not believe any one living person or organization has a corner on the wisdom market what are we to do?

The answer was written many years ago and remains true today. 'Seek the Master within' There is a force which the human being responds to and recognizes as right. It takes form in one's being as intellect but also has another less understandable aspect called the subconscious.

It is felt and recognized as genuine by the individual. When employed with practice and testing it will reveal itself as either the True One or its opposite. Only in life and testing will the true identity be known. This process of seeking wisdom within is called mysticism. It is recognized as legitimate by many but not all major religions. It is my way to live in concert with my concept of God and very likely not yours.

This to me does not matter until you try to gain advantage over me by your religion. Then I claim the freedom which was sought when the Pilgrims left England to escape the 'Kings Religion' At that time the King of England was also head of the Church of England, called Episcopal in the U.S.

There have been attempts not entirely unsuccessful to incorporate a certain religious philosophy into American life via the law. Some of these have been successfully resisted with the ACLU's help but others have succeeded. Fortunately the concept of a theocracy would be impractical if only for the fact that even the Christian claiming churches can't arrive at a common understanding to be able to get along with each other.

Let us hope that minority religious practices which do not harm others can always find a freedom to be expressed in the United States.

© 2004 albert vallone - 4/20/14

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