I seem to see the same things a little differently

It's all in ones perspective

1. My money: More tax money is being wasted on a foreign adventure than was spent totally in Clinton's two terms. Or am I missing the fact that someone else is paying and BORROWING to finance the Iraq war. Oh yes I forgot . Iraq oil will pay for it all--not.BTW Folks I bit on this hook!!!

i   2. My freedom to worship:  Has been partly taken away from me since I only like to do it in private; "Under God" is not private voluntary worship . Swearing on a Bible I don't agree with is not private voluntary worship. Not being able to buy beer before Noon on Sunday is not private worship.

I don't worship on someone else's Sabbath and don't expect them to be forced to worship when and if I do..

3. My children (actually my cousins as I have none) are partially raised by my village which has better schools and a more wholesome atmosphere. It is a good village where others look out and care for children; not just the parents.


The home schooled and private schooled children are ok with me.  I agree that massive reforms are overdue in public education. Perhaps not in my village as it has a very highly rated school system but definitely within Rochester's city limits.

5. I think my rights to religious expression are just fine as long as I do it on private property and don't get in someone's face about it.

When my expression begins to limit another's freedom not to experience it,  then I have gone too far.

6. I have no issue with property rights unless they decide to confiscate without due process.

7. I want the maximum possible freedom of speech but realize "thrusting" is not good.

8. My heritage and history has been used against me in the past (1940's)however now the anti-Italian sentiment's gone and I am grateful.

9. I have no right to further upset the ecology and waste the resource (oil) most responsible for world tension by driving a gas guzzler or RV

10. I Am comfortable with my right to vote and happy it was counted but realize that is because New York has ancient mechanical voting machines which everyone seems to accept as reliable.

11. I have plenty of guns and practice with all of them although I would like a machine gun. Maybe the NRA I used to belong to will get that law changed.

Things the Muslims think we Americans are to lax on:

Diversity of religion, Consumption of Alchohol, Hedonism, Erotica, woman's dress, allowing pork to be served as food, all are things we are judged by Muslims to be wrong about.

Some think we should change and have religious laws with no civil rights. Of course what church would write the rules would be a problem.

Well the Muslims don't have to come here and the bluenoses in this country might like to try the Sharia (Islamic law which also controls the politics ) for a while there..

I would like to see lower taxes or at least see the tax money spent on education rather than empire building thru military power.

I fear the lack of history being taught more than any supposed re-write. Then of course there are rewrites which could correct popular misconceptions like what started the Viet Nam War.(Bailing French colonialism out, ignoring Geneva Accords, not giving Ho Chi Minh what was promised him for his aid against the Japanese during the World War II)

I feel NPR is the only media which doesn't need to fear being PC and offending a sponsor. What other media can make that claim?

Some Right Wingers confuse the truth with bias when they see truth, they scream bias.

So this is My list and I thank you all for reminding me why this is a good place to debate as it is a level playing field.

© 2004 albert vallone - 3/13/15

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