What is consciousness? a repost with interesting comments

Is this John's 'Greater than Our Dimension' (GOD)

Attempts to define physical reality have led me to a conclusion that is difficult to explain to someone considering time, space, and mind tin the traditional sense.

When asked for a reason for it all many revert to the Bible or similar religious sourcesj

Quantum theorists utilizing a vastly different perspective on physical reality have advanced a theory of everything which is not based on unproven religious theories as fact.

My theory of everything is a beginning work in progress.

Unlike then one physicists have proposed It does include assorted manifestations of a God princijple.

A bee is programmed what to do including stinging if the hive or swarm is threatened. H There is a pattern which regulates the overall hive activity. Is it consciousness at a higher level than one bee or is it something else?

the hive's aggregate consciousness could be defined as the 'bee god'

How does such complex hive activity activity occur supported by bees that have such small physical brains?

If such a coordinated system is functioning without the conscious control of it's individual units what might be expected of our human society.

Does humanity have a 'program' which controls more than most are aware of

A commenter to this column mentioned the word conscience which started me thinking of how it might relate to this bee hive column but even more to humanity in general

Does humanity have a conscience? Could more of it be instinctive that induced?

© 2004 albert vallone - 8/31/13

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