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an alternative perspective

Today Michael has presented the traditional take on Genesis. This was the one taught to most persons, studying Biblical literature and remains the most commonly accepted depection of a spiritul 'fall' of the human family.

Since I stress identifying the Bible version I employ as a reference I will quote the following From the P*e*s*h*i*t*T*A* (remove the stars as the WOTL program assumes the word is a scatological reference)of the Lebanese people whose translation from Aaramaiac to English was done by George Lamsa.

Genesis 2:17

'But of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat;for in the day you eat of it you shall surely die.'

Genesis 2:25

'And they were both naked , Adam and his wife , and were not ashamed'

Those are course the traditional translations of the Crux of Genesis, later more occurs and is reported on. .

From my minority perspective these words could mean that a greater awareness is born where before it did not exist.

My alternative explanation depicts Genesis as the dawning of consciousness in the human species.. This would be the point in evolution where the noticable change was made from ape to human. It is by no means an original idea as many others hold similar views.

It would be logical to depict the pre-human species as living (fat and happy)in a type of Eden without the knowledge of a more advanced mode of living.

Naked living due to a benign climate, with plenty of natural food available iwould be a type of Paradise.

To begin desiring more, reaching for it and improving one's life style would be the result of an evolving brain and intellect.

This ability to know good and evil or know that more exists which one has not attained is called discernment and indicates a dawning of a higher consciousness.

Portraying Genesis as disobedience to God with a resultant punishment would have given more power to 'God's representatives on Earth', the clergy, since they claim to speak for God and expect obedience as a result..

Since I have seen many Biblical interpretations result in opposing claims and conclusions the one I offer appears logical enough to be included as a valid minority position.

© 2004 albert vallone - 9/23/13

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