which serves a leader better, fear or respect ? from 2004


A leader who governs like 'frying a small fish' (too much stirring will ruin it) will be respected and long lasting A leader who governs by fear will eventually go too far causing the subjects to rebel

This concept and many more on the principles of government was extracted from the Chinese classical text the Tao Te Ching (The way of life)

The genius Chinese emperor, Lao Tze, who wrote it, understood the human psyche and its' needs concerning leadership and government.

His master manuscript the Tao Te Ching which translates as The Way of Life, became the basis for the religion of Taoism that originally was not intended as a spiritual discipline.

After the death of Lao Tze Taoism became distorted to some degree as all personal disciplines do even though it is still more of a philosophy of life than a strict orthodox religion that requires worship and sacrifice..

© 2004 albert vallone - 1/4/17

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