ON AUTHORITY a repost, with comment on the LDS-repost
by Albert 1

# 1. 4/23/04 6:49 PM by Dan - Rochester
That's why I respect George Bush.

# 2. 4/23/04 7:38 PM by albert
And that is why I liked Nixon's Opening China and Reagan's bankrupting USSR by rop'n the dope. He suckered them into a space race as they feared our star wars defense plans.

Now how much have we spent actually building a space based defense? I would have never tried to out guess a professional actor. The right man at the right time. And Nancy is something rlse. Read my "fly on the wall" ;; "sweety" will begin to realize what Nancy is all about.

I don't think "sweety' will ever run for that position. Too much grief.

She has got it made in NY

# 3. 4/23/04 7:40 PM by albert
Jr or Sr? and if you can't see the difference don't bother asking: me, at least.

# 4. 4/23/04 10:39 PM by Michael - Provo

Authority comes from above; power comes from the honor of those whom the authority would lead.

Editor's Note: Unfortunately many still chose fear(of the Lord?? via his appointed head on Earth as the tool to implement power. When the oppressed finally feel they have had enough they unite and overthrow. Circa 1776 (These are the times that try men's souls"- Paine? Not much has changed has it??

The "Kings' Church" (of England) claimed its power from above; methinks not. It began losing control with the early settlers who were rebelling against the Episcopal Authorities in London and Canterbury.

See if a quaker will swear on a Bible, yet theu use it. Paradox, not.

# 5. 6/9/04 1:49 PM by Casey
But what leads a person to respect another? We know what makes someone fear another person...

Editor's Note: Being treated with love rather than fear

The subconscious knows the difference

# 6. 7/7/04 10:45 AM by Michael - Provo
Father = George Herbert Walker Bush.

Son = George Walker Bush.

"Junior" only applies when the names are identical, and is an official appendage. Respect or not.

My subconcious gets a vibe of love, not fear, from the current President Bush. Hence I respect him.

Editor's Note: I do not fear him I am intellectually concerned as to his ineptness.

Those middle names including Hillary's "Rodham" turn me off-its a personal thing.

If Junior shows me a little more of what he showed a glimmering of after 9-11 he still might be considered (in my opinion of course)of being worthy of respect rather than just pity. If he dumps Cheney and picks someone like Giuliani Powell or Rice then I will REALLY be concerned but I think pigs might grow wings first.

# 7. 7/7/04 11:51 PM by erik
i think republicans would love to see powell added to the ticket. its my understanding that powell has ambition to be the vp or even seek the presidency. the reason he does not -- his wife does not approve. mrs.powell had a dream that he was shot while president. her ultimatum: politics or me you choose.

# 8. 7/8/04 1:33 AM by erik
bobs column today is a classic. its a nice broad stroke. "alternative medicine is bunk and quackery". do you think bob is just a rabble rouser or does he believe this stuff?.....................like any profession there are people just trying to make a buck mixed in with those who believe in what they do...ones own mind is an important part of healing.

Editor's Note: There are enough Doctors, (MD's) who disagree with Bob. I would find it hard to accept his opinion on much of anything.

# 9. 7/8/04 9:42 PM by erik
i was being serious about powells reason he wont run. i watched a tv show awhile back when a news commentator gave that reason why he wont run. it was one of the sunday morning political shows. have you ever heard that?

Editor's Note: Yes I have. As a military man if he felt his duty to the country required it he would run over the objections of hi wife.

I honestly don't think he would go along enough with the neo-con philosophy for them to ever nominate him.

He is wise and experienced. He would be a good president but not a second fiddle to George Junior.

# 10. 5/14/05 3:11 PM by Brian B
Right on the mark Albert.

Editor's Note: Thanks Brian

# 11. 11/5/06 8:51 AM by BF
The country and the world have not improved, in my opinion, under Bush II's tenure since you originally posted this, Albert.

Now if you could please post something to cheer us up????

Editor's Note: How about "next Tuesday" and even better :"What goes around comes around"

But wait I even had a better one: "The millstones of God are exceedingly slow but grind exceedingly fine."

Its' been a six year wait for those things to show they are working properly.

Its' a good thing I have "faith" in them to work as promised.

Now I must caution that some may not be so cheered by those quotes but they were in response to you, not them.

# 12. 8/28/09 1:58 PM by mk
Let's try this:

"But he that is greatest among you shall be your servant. And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted."

Matthew 23:11&12 KJV

Editor's Note: It doesnt seem to be a winning strategy for a political candidate. As far as determining who the actual greatest is past experience counts but there is also a gut sense that hardly ever fails me. I had a bad one with John Edwards that proved correct and still do with Al Gore despite his successes. here is something in the tone and timbre of a person's voice that I have only seen a professional actor like Reagan be able to master regardless of other factors. Usually the voice alone is the give away of character.

# 13. 4/15/10 11:19 PM by albert 1
This little peek at the past shows that even my crystal ball doesn't produce one hundred percent accuracy as Hillary did make a very strong effort to be nominated for a Presidential run.

I never heard anything bad concerning her term as NY senator and in fact read some very positive reports of her successful efforts to save the Canandaguia veterans hospital that included cooperating with a local Republican official.

While Hillary was First Lady the effort to vilify her was quite successful but those critics seem quite muted now as from most observations she is a superb Secretary of State.

Editor's Note: If perfect freedom implies chaos then I prefer the order of less than that degree of individual freedm.

I do not consider the freedom within the parameters of a religious society as anywhere near perfect or in any way preferable to the order implied by civil authority.

# 14. 3/30/16 4:16 PM by little john - mount morris
thumbsup.gif I didn't get past ON AUTHORITY??? by Force multipliers...

One AU=gold standard of THOR and IT is WHY Y???

Hammer Time for the authorities to hammer down the freedoms we used to have...

Editor's Note: Many good and legitimate freedoms or rights if you will were only appropriate relative to a specific population density.

It's usually not an either or thing when testing ones rights to clash with another.

Despite those who argue that the Earth is not overpopulated from my perspective we are running out of both elbow room and resources if the population increase doesn't slow down..

Meanwhile things like the Mt Morris dam were deliberately denied generators in order to favor oil and coal lobbies.

Rochester's subway system was destroyed to stimulate automobile industry.

We still are too wasteful and selfish with remaining resources.

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