No Easy Answer, Deep Water
by Albert 1

# 1. 10/26/15 4:46 PM by little john - mount morris
thumbsup.gif My first thought was the word, INSINCERITY... So then I googled...


Synonyms for integrity

noun honor, uprightness

honesty star

principle star

probity star

purity star

rectitude star

sincerity star

virtue star

candor star

forthrightness star

goodness star

honestness star

honorableness star

incorruptibility star

incorruption star

righteousness star

straightforwardness star


Antonyms for integrity







Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition

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Editor's Note: As I mentioned to me it is the spirit in which some uses the word that helps determine it's relationship to which o the words you found. I still am not sure if a phony could have integrity but I doubt a hypocrite could.

# 2. 10/27/15 12:09 AM by 104
Cynically, I now know that I can very seldom invoke integrity in my vocabulary. Or is that just because of others? Thank you very much!

Editor's Note: Ever since I read Deep's column I have had the same feeling.

There is a feeling however that eventually the right words will come.

meanwhile I'll continue gathering material for that book I thought would have been complete years ago.

# 3. 10/27/15 1:16 AM by 104
Ahhh! there is always the book!

Editor's Note: It is like a carrot at the end of a stick.

At least it has been giving me a direction to head.

# 4. 10/27/15 6:01 AM by 104
The problem with books is that they are never really "done".

Editor's Note: The problem with anything being 'done' is to specifically define the term.

If I hesitated all the time before using a word nothing would ever be said.

I rely on the common popular opinion of most words to define their usage.

If there is a doubt later then it's dictionary time.

# 5. 10/27/15 6:36 AM by 104
After reading all the synonyms I feel a lot better. Feel quite a bit richer knowing that I have taken the high road. But all that stuff is relative, I guess.

Editor's Note: Now we are talking! Relativity is where it is at

just my opinion of course :=)

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