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by Albert 1

# 1. 2/14/15 10:07 AM by 104
Congratulations on your wedding and your successful cataract surgery. Bob Lonsberry has been somewhat inconsistent lately regarding his posting of comments. Seems preoccupied as to whether they seem to be racist in varying degrees. I had my first cataract surgery when I was 48 and have had 3 other eye surgeries since then including one for a detached retina. I too have only one "good" eye and know what it is like when vision is greatly impaired. Not only did I thank my eye surgeons, I also let them know that they saved my life. Good luck in your new life!

Editor's Note: The most amazing thing is my unexpected ability to see more of the formerly invisible ultra violet spectrum .

Thanks a lot for the read.

# 2. 2/14/15 10:49 AM by Ingvi - Rochester, NY
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who decided to return. Congratulations on the positive life changes.

Editor's Note: If I recall you are also a fan of the Tarot

Glad to see you back

# 3. 2/14/15 2:19 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Welcome back Albert! I had cataract surgery on both eyes about a year ago, followed up with PRK then posterior capsule ablations. It took a LONG time for my vision to completely stabilize, but the results are truly AMAZING! I can see violet and even near ultraviolet light again! And my vision is 20/15 sans glasses and even better with very mild glasses. I'm extremely picky because of the observational astronomy avocation and the surgeon was VERY nice about my zillion questions. You know me: I even brought in an instrument I built to self-examine the results of the surgery immediately after. I then sketched the morphologies of the lens and surgical perfs and he called in his partner to look! Anyway, we have agreed to do a joint paper with authors him, me and the manic optometrist who has also been collaborating. The surgeon will see to it that it gets in one of the journals where he has published a lot! So I'm all excited about that. that's what I've been up to. Tom

Editor's Note: If you could use some input from another perspective, I now realize my right eye's vision that the lens replacement restored to me has probably been degrading for many years, far beyond the time that a cataract diagnosis would indicate.

I have a pretty good ability to tune in on some of the earlier symptoms that I compensated for with stronger reading light, magnifiers and strong reading glasses.

+4 and +5 diopeter lens are not obtainable OTC but easily available on the 'net. without a prescription.

A side note on the loss of central vision in my left eye: That is due to a stroke caused by a burst blood vessel that fed optic nervous tissue in the retina.

I do not expect that to change.

The richness in color perception post cataract replacement doesn't seem to be emphasized in material I read prior to having the procedure done.

I wonder why.

BTW I chose to have my work done at the eye center and hospital in Canandaguia rather than a satellite clinic of Noyes Hospital in Geneseo.

I wonder if you are familiar with them.

BTW2 Found your observatory on Google Maps.

Dont see any power lines running to it-buried maybe??

# 4. 2/14/15 3:50 PM by mk
Happy Valentines! It's good to "see" you.

Editor's Note: My writing may reveal some of me but I hope that you might visit Hill Cumorah some time so we could meet and see the whole person typing these keyboards.

# 5. 2/14/15 5:38 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
There are two observatories on the property: the big one to the east and a smaller one closer th the house. The big one has 1000+ feet of above-ground wire running to it but It's buried about 15-20 yd to the NW of the dome. I had my eyes done at Cornerstone Eye in Rochester, I believe associated somehow with Strong? Tom

Editor's Note: The big one was easy to spot due to the clearing surrounding it. No doubt you can get lower to the horizon that way. The closest I have ever been to a real observatory was Palomar near Escondido,. In the late 1940s I memorized and was able to make basic sketches of about five major telescope locations. I forgot to ask you whether you observe directly via optics or is there electronic image enhancement involved?

# 6. 2/14/15 9:21 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif Lest I forget, Happy Valentine's Day to You and your best friends at home and here on WOTL...

"May G.O.D. Bless us, U.S. Everyone..."

Uncle Sam Scrooge may have left the building, but methinks he be lurking around in the Dark Shadows somewhere like Blackwater Black Ops and the kin folk of Hatfields and unreal McCoys of decoys...

My computer "blows up" several times a day, because of Firefox crashes, and unresponding scripts...

But I continue to continue...

Semper Fi

and Fideli Certa Merces...

Happy Valentines to BF also. Wherever you are.

The Cross Threaded Jarhead with a SEG, a song, and a prayer... The Impossible Dream and the prayer of St. Francis...

Amen to that broodtherapist John, Albert, Deep, and Rick G. and everyone here and there of WOTL past, present, and future...

Editor's Note: "The Impossible Dream" .. "Why bother??" ans= "because it (:( is there) Why did Don Q do what he did? ans. it was his nature just like the scorpion who stung the turtle and drowned as a result

A great teacher I respect defined consciousness as rising above our natures.

What a way to define freedom

Just Musin (a recent example of my style of random thought? )

How free are we?

# 7. 2/15/15 4:45 PM by BF
Happy Valentine's Day plus one to you, John, and to the rest of my WOTL friends.

Editor's Note: Thanks BF Mary and I extend the same belated wishes to you and Jim.

We will always will hold the thoughts of the roles that you and Jim fulfilled in making our Valentines process so special.

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