The Tale of Frustrated Astronomer
by Albert 1

# 1. 8/30/13 8:26 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif Strasenburgh Planetarium was one of the best spots in Rochester, once upon a time, but I haven't heard much about it lately... Astronomy is a very interesting field with an infinite universe of possibilities to ponder and muse about...I view the sky sometimes with the naked eye and I am still amazed at the Milky Way as those few high magnitude stars I used to know for navigational purposes...

Editor's Note: I always have marveled at the skills of celestial navigators

# 2. 8/30/13 10:51 AM by mk
I know so little about astronomy. There is nothing more amazing than the study of the stars!

Editor's Note: Or why they were put there in the first place. Chaos theory? Hardly,,

# 3. 8/30/13 1:49 PM by mk
Agreed... Chaos Theory not even close.

Editor's Note: Interested to know your source since chaos remains popular in some pretty high circles. Quantum theory contains the necessary e laments for a theory of everything including explaining the illusory nature of time.

# 4. 8/30/13 3:46 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Astronomy is my obsession, Albert. And now that I'm retired, I can actually enjoy it more. I visited Kitt Peak National Observatory and consulted to them (Dr. David Crawford et al) regarding "Light Pollution." David is co-founder of the "International Dark Sky Association." In return - he gave me and companion a deluxe tour of the U of A Astronomy Dept. and then the observatories up the mountain. The really BIG telescopes don't even have eyepieces any more...all remote instruments. I have a 29-inch scope at home and will upgrade it to 36-inch in about a year! In 5 weeks I'm getting new lenses implanted in my eyes optimized for astronomy - honest - not kidding! Surgeon and optometrist say my vision will be "like when I was a kid!" If it doesn't work, I may just return to jazz drumming... Tom

Editor's Note: I probably will have cataract surgery on my right eye.

I permanently lost central vision in the left, I still have adequte vision for target shooting thanks to some good rifle scopes. How large is your telescope mirror. Do you use electronic amplification of image? I have never seen an advanced home observatory. It seems Springwater area should be quite free of light pollution

# 5. 8/30/13 4:32 PM by mk
You are going to love my source (maybe not) hee hee hee... My source: God our Creator.

His house is a house of order. I know you don't recognize my source- (Doctrine and Covenants) in the same way I do, but it works for me.

Chaos Theory would only be valid if I were in charge!

Editor's Note: I don't have a problem seeing we both function in separate realities rather than one shared one.

# 6. 8/31/13 12:55 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
My biggest scope now has a 29-inch diam primary (image-forming) mirror. It's in a 24-foot rotating dome with a 36-foot deck! That I will upgrade to 36-inch probably next summer. It takes a 12-step warehouse ladder just to reach the eyepiece. I have other scopes and instruments too. Image intensified video (ITT), and cameras made right in Lima there at Finger Lakes Instrumentation. Current projects: refurb of the 29 and dome, 16-inch binoculars (lens diameters), solar imagery in hydrogen alpha and potassium K light. The dark skies and altitude in Springwater help a LOT! Never seen a UFO and don't expect to...

Editor's Note: Fantastic!" You have not mentioned the tracking process. How automated is your Electro-mechanical tracking ? Image stabilization is one area I'm totally ignorant of.

The size of your instruments must require a decent size room design That detail also fascinates me since you need to deal with our climate. Is it attachedv or detacged from living quarters? Did you build the room or modify an existing structure?

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