'Conservative'?? Christians, and Islamists (Including the Taliban)
by Albert 1

# 1. 10/17/10 7:48 AM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
The writer I think you're referring to puts a lot of time into studying God's Word and doesn't apologize for bringing up its truths. Having said that, there is no scriptural basis that God somehow favors Conservatives over Liberals.

Editor's Note: as to whether "its truths" are continues to be debateble.

Conservative I Am acquainted with might disagree with your impression conceverning interpretation of Scripture.

I Am sure some could disagree usinf chapter and verse.

# 2. 10/17/10 4:58 PM by Diana
I specifically put "liberal" in quotations because liberal is the term people use to classify a particular group.

Some people classify all "democrats" as "liberals". I don't because I know that somewhere out there, there are Democrats who have a more "conservative" mindset.

We live in a world that calls evil good and good evil. The original term has been "liberally" changed.

The reality is that I was speaking of anyone, regardless of their "liberal" or "conservative" status who lies, cheats, steals, kills etc. their way to "success" while pointing their fingers at anyone who might crimp their style and get in their reckless path.

Editor's Note: If that was your intention it would seem you would want to avoid piling on the attacks "liberals" experience.

# 3. 10/17/10 5:27 PM by marilyn
Hey Albert, where is your chapter on our story?

Editor's Note: My chapter is due the 24th. It already exists however I may review what exists to avoid any logical clashes.

# 4. 10/17/10 8:33 PM by little john
thumbsup.gif did ja ever wonder why they called it a new testament, and then keep referring back to the old way?(to get their way?)

Revelations is a visionary look at the newer addendums to newer interpretations of the new testament.(The Book of Mormon is a good example of a possible addendum, in my estimation?)

Would a person want a doctor, who used a book 2000 years old to operate on his/her brain???

just musin', and losin', but life is just so confusin'.

Editor's Note: So I Am not the only one who still see the O.T. values being exalted above Jesus's simple and clear message of Love.

I still galls me that God is defined so narrowly by those claiming to have a direct line to Him,Her or It.

However you might choose to define a Universal Principle It continues to be beyond any narrow definition humankind might have come up with.

# 5. 10/18/10 2:12 AM by Diana
That is precisely why I put it in quotations. To state that I was not attacking any specific group with a name attached to it. In other words -- the quotations are there to imply a less-than-literal meaning of the word liberal.

Editor's Note: Too many readers here seem incapable of discerning degree of intent.

"Less than" has no meaning to them. It is "either or or". These are specifically the absolutist types who I have referred to when I discern them from those capable of the distinction of "more and less".

# 6. 11/8/10 8:16 AM by Joe - Roc
OK ... Where's Albert been? No columns nor comments for a month now. I DO hope that you are in good health???

Perhaps I can entice you out with a beer at Macgreggors' or Rhoarbach's? (Leave the Crosman at home :)

Editor's Note: Sorry I missed the beer but will ask for a rainncheck

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