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by Albert 1

# 1. 10/6/10 8:36 AM by Jay - OR
Yes, I too claim the ability to reason and see beyond the only possibility that true believers are limited to an "invisible man in the sky." Still, I must say that long ago I became convinced that the use of reason-only (defined in terms of a narrow empiricism) was destined to the conclusion of an honest "I don't know."

However, I also became empirically convinced that there are valid observations that are not limited to the five human senses. No matter the brilliance--and likability--of one who argues to the contrary, I see such a one as either very narrow, or naive.

Using a book (or nature, for that matter) as the ultimate authority, seems insistent on denying the authority of its author. I've met such Mormons. But much more common among them are those who believe "all that God has revealed, all that he does now reveal, and . . . that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining . . . " to his Kingdom.

Will you agree that such a position is far and away different from Catholicism, or probably every other organized religion's tenets? If so, you can see how I depart from your first opinion stated--as well as the conclusions of your private faith.

The subject is worth books, rather than a short column, and even much shorter comment.

Editor's Note: The narrow and absolute philosophy that once was common amoong Roman Catholics seems much less so today. I detect the same process in some other main line Christian denomonations.

I would never consider you as an absolutely main line Mormon although what I do experience from your writing doesnt ever seem to stray too far from LDS orthodoxy.

I do see the parallels between the older Catholocism and more recent Mormonism concerning orthodoxy.

I also am very aware of certain parallels between Islamic dress codes, sexual morality, and male supremacy, when comparing them with the stated philosophy and actions of the LDS church and it's membership.

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