'The silence of the lambs' (of God) and His sheep.
by Albert 1

# 1. 8/20/10 1:46 PM by Melissa - Nunda, NY
thumbsup.gif Hi Albert! This column really touches an exposed nerve with me as a Blackfoot Indian. In 1967 I became friends with a young man who rode with the motorcycle group the Hackers,some of whom later became the Hells' Angels of Rochester played a large part in their dealings and was ripe for repentance. I had moved and when I came back in 1971 I ran in to him and found he had married, and converted to Mormonism. He insisted on proselytizing for hours telling me how important it was for Indians to join the Church. Having suffered enough abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church, as my mother had been taken from her family`and raised in several different boarding schools, and we were forced to go to the same Church, I was not interested at all in another organized religion. My "friend" insisted that I take a free copy of the book of mormon,and also a childs primer for my son that their church recommended. Reading these two were my first real experiences with organized prejudice towards my race. These books presume to tell over 500 Indian nations that we do not know where we came from, that we had no religion of our own, that we are lazy, shiftless, and cursed with sharkskin and can only redeem ourselves and become "white" by joining this cult. The primer for children depicts pictures of Indians laying around while industrious whites work busily around them. In the text they are described as 'shiftless, and lazy '. I was outraged then, and I am even more now because the "lambs" have been given proof by many of their own scholars that our Native DNA has no connection to any lost tribe of Israel, that we have been here for thousands and thousands of years and they cannot answer the questions put to them because their answers would be LIES! Thank you for this excellent column! Those of us who know our history and origin have been hurt for too many years by this cult of racists masquerading as a religion and dragging good-hearted, loving families who aren't told the truth of their leaders machinations into the fray. There are many excellent websites and books on the subject, the one by Simon G. Southernton is excellent, "Native Americans, DNA and the Lost Tribe", and believable because he is from Australia and has no connection with America and Indians and found out on his own about the many fraudulent stories being put forth as truth and gospel on himself, fellow church members and the general public. So, Albert, as I see it, it is the powerful, moneyed "wolves" who are actors in the pageant and the "lambs" who are trying to alert an uncaring diffident public to the truth.

Editor's Note: I present your commentary as an example of human experience. I hope that those who plaed a pard in causing it take heed as how their role is viewd by someone like you.

# 2. 8/20/10 5:09 PM by Jay - OR
The "wolves" pretend confidence, and they are amazingly "vocal." It you truly would seek refutations--and they are many, and convincing--I'd suggest you visit fairlds.org. It has an internal search engine, wikipedia like.

Had any of the amazing attackers ever looked for the truth, or even another side, instead of repeating unsubstantiated claims, they might have found refutations that would render them much less "confident."

Editor's Note: I feel their "confidence" if defined as assuming they know truth is just as misguided as the thinking that such truth can be known by anyone.

I realize the choice not to directly respond on a real time basis to that type of challenge has a wisdom I respect more than you might imagine.

I Am aware of Fairlds.org and consider such an approach to dealing with criticism (accusations) as proof that you have wise guidance working within your faith.

My column was rhetorical for the most part created to see if I could receive any logical response and you came thru with such rather that acting with the knee-jerk type response I might expect from some others who seem oblivious to the gift of intellect that remains one of God's gifts to us.

I have never considered you as communicating by putting emotion ahead of intellect and dont expect you to in the future.

You mention the lack of attackers looking at "the other side" which to me is the weakness of any elitist philosophy.

I have seen enough of the real other sides of many human controversies to realize much truth may be present in them including things like Communism, Marxizm, Act-on etc.

In the other side of many things I basiclly consider as distinct from my somewhat elitist nature I realize truth of a relative but still important nature exists.

I work with relative truths within the scope of my vision but will continue to not torn a completely blind eye to what lies outside of it.

I will continue to be open to a limited degree to other's perspective as I have found that to be a rewarding part of my own.

You continue to be one of the people I find able to present an alternative perspective to my own.

I choose to view reality throug individuals eyes rather than be seeking their advice of where and how to look. After knowing the person to a certain degree I then want to know how they see and respond to reality.

It is why I dont care for the suggestions of "librarians" who recommend books, links, or other references. I prefer to know individuals then know how they relate to what they may be recommending.

You have for the most part not disappointed me in this regard.

Thank you

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