My first exposure to the spiritual elite
by Albert 1

# 1. 8/19/10 10:19 AM by Jim - Rochester
There's Roman Catholics. and Roaming Catholics.

I consider myself the latter

Editor's Note: I didnt know yoy to be any kind of Catholic.

# 2. 8/19/10 10:22 AM by Jay - OR
Well, I do have to say that I see those who have called themselves to be religious authorities as among the questionable elite. And that's the way I see most of those who pretend to be our political leaders.

In the arena of "religion," there are those who were called as was Moses, as were the 12 apostles, as were others. Not by themselves, but by one who had the authority to make that call. As I commented elsewhere, those are in a different class of elite.

I daresay you have had little to no experience with that class.

Editor's Note: A great comment that I think represents not only you but much of my true opinion.

The obvious fact that you are comfortable discerning classes of elitism rather than "group thinking" that it all is undesirable as I observe many others doing affirms my faith that our dialog continues to have value.

# 3. 8/19/10 1:52 PM by Jim Mattison
This discussion is fascinating, Albert. People are having trouble separating the vernacular connotations of "elitism", that of snobbery and/or superiority, from the actual definition of selective separation...but I suspect you expected such a reaction when you began the discourse. I have being toying around with a column about how technological advancement and the resulting conveniences encourage people to be completely accepting of dogma of any spectrum because they are accustomed to accepting the reality of things they have no understanding of. Give them an authority they choose to trust and you can pretty much tell them anything and they will consider it "truth". I have been considering how being a "handyman" type of person who excels at figuring out how things work is much less likely to accept dogma when the "how does that work" element is unaswered or doesn't stand up to their own analytical scrutiny. I think speculative spirituality is much more appealing to this type of person. Of course beliving you know how something works and actually knowing are different things. It makes for some interesting conclusions.

Editor's Note: I have use the term commonly perceived reality or CPR for short to illustrate the reality that people are most familiar with.

Although I I realize it might be unfair to accuse many of intellectual laziness for not verifying word definitions I remain convinced that to be one of society;s major problems especially concerning the false image created by the deliberate deceptions of those not too lazy to promote their agendas.

Thanks for the comment.

BTW it is interesting that those who dont seem to admit to elitism or misconstrue its meaning have no problem being proud of their extremely distinct lifestyles especially when it comes to their claims that they have been blessed with the ability to discern which they see as a spiritual gift.

It is why I mentioned in my first column on this subject that there is a hint of elitism in the image I project myself.

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