Spiritual Elitism and an inconvenient question-repost from 2010
by Albert 1

# 1. 8/18/10 2:03 AM by Jay - OR
Have you chosen to ignore that my statement regarding roads (metaphorical at best) was coupled with my suggestion of the POSSIBILITY that God has in fact an exclusive way back to him, that it is possible he has revealed it to certain men prepared and willing to receive the revelation, and that it is possible he has also provided a way for the rest of us to determining that those revelations are both from the source claimed and true? (Try to forgive the rambling sentence, please.)

It seems an article of faith to you that there is no weight in considering such possibilities. Not very scientific.

Editor's Note: Okay I like that word possibility and wonder to what degree your belief regarding that possibility might be.

When discussing spirituality I often allow for the possibility of alternate views or explanations.

The weighting will never be a 100% absolute one in my paradigm. I have seen too many absolute conclusions reversed in my study of the history of science.

I have never denied the possibility of what you term revelation but may have a different perspective on it's details and underlying principles.

I Am aware of a principle some term Cosmic Consciousness which can easily explain the revealatory process as a type of super-consciousness.

# 2. 8/18/10 9:02 AM by mk
His words: "I am the way, the truth and the light." He never said, "I am one of the ways, one of the truths and some of the light."

Editor's Note: Definitely an expression of Self confidence. Are you familiar that even among Christian religions exactly what the nature of Jesus's being involved is not universally accepted.

He claimed to represent the way to something, claimed it as truth, and mentioned "light" which I also wonder as to what it's exact meaning involves.

Your perspective on the translation of those words seem to imply a faih in them. If someone else made some contrary statements such as the "one ofs" or "some ofs" you proposed what would prevent me from having faith in that person's words?

This is a good example of you accepting that was repeated to you and me reaching within my self for discernment.

Your use of the Holy Spirit confirms truth to you.

Whay am I not considered capable of also utilizing it or am I? Some teach this must be done under guidance by enlightened humans.

I do not necessarily agree this to be absolutely necessary all the time..

From all I have read of Jesus his direct meanings were usually quite unambiguous.

It is a shame in my opinion that so many twist and distort words to further personal or group agendas.

Now try placing that message in the context of a language other than English. Are you familiar with the language of Jesus and what subtlties might be involved?

# 3. 9/3/13 12:31 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I don't care much for group think when it comes to spirituality, other than the unconditional tolerance of love, faith, hope, and charity for all lesser advantaged humane beings...

I don't know where this whole fanatical zero tolerance thing came from, but I do wish it would crawl back under the dark rock it sprouted from...

Editor's Note: It fits the mindset of the perfectionist

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