Some Mixed feelings on the NYC 9-11 Memorial and Muslims
by Albert 1

# 1. 8/4/10 7:51 AM by Marilyn
Interesting thoughts Albert. One of the things I am wondering is why would one (or in this case group) want to "push" for something knowing how much it divides people? To me it is kinda like an argument that you apologize for, but you don't mean it. Hypocrticial? In my mind yes.

Editor's Note: Upon further thought I considered what things would feel like if that was similar to the Federal Government enforcing Civil Rights in the South during the 1060s.

Mayor Bloomberg respects the law so had no choice if he was to comply with the Civil Rights of Muslims.

Unfortunately they, like some Christians, do not respect the Bill of Rights when it conflicts with their Holy Book.

I personally would vote to restrict the actions of any religion threatening my Civil Rights.

Its why Conservative Christians hate the ACLU.

The Bible and the Bill of Rights are not one hundred percent compatible.

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