The two basic issues seperating me from 'Bible believers'
by Albert 1

# 1. 7/19/10 4:16 AM by Jim - Rochester
A long time ago the nuns taught me this song

You will know they are Christians by their love

I don't see much love in our resident "Christians"

Editor's Note: You are absolutely wrong this time.

They love, money and many other things including the unsubstantials like thinking they are the most holy humans alive.

Of course I do not seriously claim that all belong in such a category.

There are many who can and do demonstrate what the Nun was talking about.

# 2. 7/19/10 2:17 PM by Jonathan
Albert, the more you speak on this topic the more I am convinced that you are overly opinionated and closed minded on the topic. To all intents and purposes, it appears as if your only reason for posting your opinion on the matter is to insight a form of debate so base as to only be described as fighting. You use words and phrases designed to lend your opinion credence and yet fail to back up your opinion with verifiable authority. (citations, quote, proof)

In essence, to me, it appears you have a grudge against Christians and take every opportunity to 'poke the bear'.

Editor's Note: My "grudge" if you will is much more general than what you may perceive as just against Christians.

I have no doubt it is a reaction or response to how I live my life or attempt to and the judgement I experience as a result.

Hipocracy is not limited to any one lifestyle or belief system. I do however perceive it as rampant in contemporary organized religion and not just Christianity..

I would of course welcome debating on an unemotional basis where fighting would not be perceived.

I have encountered some rare individuals who can logically defend their Christianity per se so know it is not the system (especially the specific words of Jesus) that is the basic problem but rather those who use it as a basis for advancing social agendas and emeotional causes.

I have much respect for many Christians including some LDS practitionors.

Although I also must build my image of Jesus and his teachings on a less than absolute basis myself I will continue to take issue with those who claim their knowledge or interpretation of His words makes them superior to me.

I especially resent when such persons attempt to incorporatespecific religious morality into civil law contrary to the Founders intent..

That does appear by weight of numbers to be quite general with the majority I see as claiming to follow Jesus or represent any formal organized Christian sect whether they be liberal Protestants, Catholics, Mormons or Fundamentalists.

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