The end of a Miracle
by Albert 1

# 1. 7/7/10 8:21 AM by deep water - Lake Oneipeein
the secret to making any blade last longer is to dry it after each shave. blades wear out due to moisture not use, for the most part.

I heard this tip on Clark Howard in April I think, and i'm still on the same blade, and its still useful.

Editor's Note: Since yoy wrote "blade" are you using a true single or double edged one, or one of these new fangled triple, quadruple, or new five bladed units?

They shave great but there is a price increase every time the designer's find an excuse to add another cutting edge.

# 2. 7/8/10 7:45 AM by Jim - Rochester
I'm an electric shaver guy myself, but I remember my father putting a double edge blade in a drinking glass, and honing the edges. Never counted, but I do know he got a lot of mileage out of a blade.

Editor's Note: By atually sharpening one of those older blades they probably could last until worn down in size.

# 3. 7/8/10 8:17 AM by deep water - Lake Oneipeein
I think its a 3 or 4 blade thing. Because of the price it's that much more important to make 'em last. And I usually try to get them from BJ's , also keeping the price down.

Editor's Note: I wonder what the production costs of one of those things really are.

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