Does agency legitimize ministry?
by Albert 1

# 1. 5/12/10 8:56 AM by EMOTIONAL WAVE
thumbsup.gif Everyone has a right to their own beliefs. But I know there are some groups who believe they must convert others to their faith for what ever reason. I just hope that when they go as missionaries, their help is not limited to just those who will accept their faith.

Editor's Note: I recognize taht there are many who serve altruistically.

# 2. 5/12/10 3:31 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
I had a brother that was a faithful member of a Pentecostal church. The pastor of his church never visited or called him during the months he was dying. After my brother's death the pastor commented that he didn't visit him because "it would have detracted from his effectiveness as a pastor". As you might expect I found the "explanation" incredulous.

Editor's Note: I womder how he treated his well parishinors.

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