Scriptural morality project
by Albert 1

# 1. 4/29/10 4:45 PM by little john
thumbsup.gif A tough subject. The tabooes of even considering that it could happen, and that it could be somehow, answered in the scriptures could be interesting.

Later Thanx John

Editor's Note: Actually anyone familiar with the O.T. knows there are examples of incest that are written of like it was common practice.

Of course we have no proof if the characters mentioned were legendary or actual.

# 2. 4/30/10 7:31 AM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
If we all descended from Adam and Eve there would HAVE to have been incest and was. The bible was written over a span of hundreds of years. In a way the bible is the story of God's dealings with man over time. God's dealings with man concerning various topics changed, for example certain dietary restrictions were lifted. Animal sacrifice for sin was replaced with the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Incest would be another. (I could do some research if you like and pinpoint where in scripture the change occurred) The #1 reason some folks find the bible confusing or charge it with having contradictions is because they fail to see its simple dispensational differences. They blurt out something like "see, it's in the bible so it must be true, it says it right here". Well yeah, but whose truth was it? Under what context? Who was God speaking to? Folks quote passages from the NT Book of Hebrews and attempt to apply it as doctrine for today. The intro to that book states that it's "written to the 144,00 tribes of Israel". Well gee, I'm not Hebrew and not in one of those tribes, so even though what's written is truth, it's clear that the doctrine is for those tribes, not for me.

Editor's Note: Nick I luv Ya!

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