Elegy at sunset: a tribute for Memorial Day
by Albert 1

# 1. 9/6/03 2:22 PM by Jay - OR
thumbsup.gif Magnificent, Albert. Are you responsible for this beauty? Have you some clan in you?

Editor's Note: Thanks, something from a past vision brought the scene to mind. I heard some pipes play "Flowers of the forest" and had to add my feelings to it. Who knows , maybe some Scot had a little fling in Sicily.

# 2. 9/6/03 2:36 PM by twiggins
Who knew a poet lurked in the soul of Albert?? Very nice!!

Editor's Note: He's in there but I don't let him out too often.

# 3. 9/6/03 8:03 PM by Lon Bonsberry
thumbsup.gif way to go, albert! you should do more of this

Editor's Note: thanks, wish I could write poetry on demand but for me they come forth on their own and only a few a year if I am lucky.

# 4. 12/7/03 12:09 AM by Michael - Provo
Hi Albert, nice to hear from you again.

Nice poem. I must have missed it first time around; thanks for reposting it.

Editor's Note: thanks Michael

# 5. 12/7/03 1:33 AM by stephen
thumbsup.gif Albert, glad to see you back with us. Great re-post also.

Editor's Note: thanks stephan

# 6. 12/7/03 12:40 PM by lon bonsberry
this was great, albert ,,, i've missed your writing

Editor's Note: Thanks Lon, it would be great if my creativity output was a constant thing but in reality it is cyclical.

# 7. 12/7/03 10:18 PM by Eileen
thumbsup.gif Aw, come on, Albert! Give us more, especially since we can understand the darn thing :)

Nice to see you back, missed ya!!

Editor's Note: Actually I am not really "back" since this is a repost. When the energy necessary to create quality returns so shall I, meanwhile I will still be reading most postings as a paid up lurker.

# 8. 3/4/04 1:43 AM by Casey
Somehow I missed this in the past. I didn't know you liked poetry. Very nice.

Editor's Note: when the spirit moves me, unfortunately not that often--Thanks

# 9. 1/16/10 11:36 AM by John The Sophomore
thumbsup.gif Thank you. The repost was very nice. I see it was originally 2003 I believe.

Give me a little time and I will try to reciprocate in kind, humbly.

Thanx John

Editor's Note: The WOTL search engine is not very sophisticated. You might enjoy just browsing old columns. Occasionally I get comments from them and do respond as if they concerned current postings.

# 10. 5/31/10 9:32 AM by Marilyn
thumbsup.gif THANKS ALBERT -I have been waiting for this!!! Well done...

Editor's Note: Anytime Marilyn!

# 11. 5/31/10 10:32 AM by Eric - Rochester, NY
Lovely and appropriate, Albert.

Thank-you for sharing.

Editor's Note: Your welcome. The sadness of war is universal.

# 12. 5/31/10 10:45 AM by little john
thumbsup.gif Enjoyed this gem, again.
Maybe because it is Memorial Day.
I can hear the pipes softly
As I reread this.

Thanx John

Editor's Note: The universal song. Thanx John.

# 13. 6/2/10 11:39 AM by M.E. - N.Y.
thumbsup.gif That was GREAT Albert. Sorry I got to read it too late but it was really appropriate for Memorial Day. Thanks.

Editor's Note: I love to trot out that gem when there is a newbie to read it.

Thanx M.E.

# 14. 12/31/12 9:33 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif Truly, still;;; one of those poems that rings true, in moving empathic silence, with the power of words, that touch the strings of one's heart...

Editor's Note: This is supposed to be a writers website.

You will notice most of the comments made to me were from people who quit WOTL in disgust.

Much of the new crop are of the fat finger variety. They sit on their hands lest they actually reveal that they are incapable of any creative expression.

Perhaps some day the commentary will once more reflect a love of writing for its own sake.

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