When I saw it I chuckled
by Albert 1

# 1. 4/15/10 7:13 AM by Zjabs
What happened to political correctness? You aren't supposed to use "retard" in a negative way- didn't you learn anything from Palin?

Editor's Note: You will find if you check the archives many examples of what I think of PC

# 2. 4/15/10 8:01 AM by Marilyn
Could it be, and I am just asking the question - that you are seeing exactly what the media wants you to see? Don't know your situation, but perhaps you might go and observe one of the Tea Parties today....

Editor's Note: It is not so much what I see Marilyn but the psychology of thae average TP. Yes I know there are some media savvy sphhisticated ones but the emotions of the average TP person reflect discontent coupled with less than a deep knowledge of politics and psychology.

This makes them vulnerable for emotional manipulation rather than logical thinking.

BTW I have the same criticism for the average "conservative" despite the obvious examples of intelligent ones such as a few who have gravitated to WOTL.

# 3. 4/15/10 10:37 PM by M.E. - N.Y.
thumbsup.gif Did you see on the news that the TeaParty rally was held in downtown Rochester today. Quite a crowd of people.

Editor's Note: I would love to see some closeups of the crowd to get an idea of it's racial makeup.

I'm sure some is doing just that and will report it somewhere

# 4. 4/19/10 6:48 PM by erik
my eyes are watering up and im not crying.

Editor's Note: That happens to some.

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