My Fifth Freedom
by Albert 1

# 1. 4/7/10 5:24 PM by Emotionalwave
"I am the way, the truth and the light. No one shall come to the Father except through me" spoke Jesus Christ

I may be missing a point here--what is your truth and light or are you still looking?

Editor's Note: I suggest you reread my exact words . Serving truth and light was what I claimed, not being.

You might also do some reading on the Illumanati.

I would never claim to BE truth only to serve it while acknowledging doing so imperfectly.

Yes I Am still learning but am convinced having found enough to utilize a working hypothesis.

Unlike the absolutists(believers in Absolute Truth) however. I Am willing to modify my path as further truth is revealed.

I also am willing to modify my hypothesis if what I consider was revealed proves to be false.

Me perfect? No way Jose!

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify that misimpression.

# 2. 4/7/10 6:21 PM by albert 1
Just a further note to EW:

I consider all who teach as serving Light. Whether one serves Truth or not remains to be seen as proving it is not that exact of a process.

It is more involved with faith than fact.

Mario Cuomo spoke of "A reason to believe" that describes my spiritual path rather than one of blind faith.

"Faith supported by knowledge."

Editor's Note: n.t.

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