Religious Legalisms-another man's take
by Albert 1

# 1. 4/5/10 7:53 AM by little john
thumbsup.gif Galileo and the know it alls of his day.

Gravity and flat earth religion. He was a heretic, so they said.

There are many paths up the mountain-(Gandhi)

And I chose the one less traveled ..

To avoid the toll roads and tithe bridges of pharisees, across holy sees.

"On the rocks", a hard vertical climb, with a couple of falls, but I'm still hanging on.

The well traveled roads have their own slippery slopes and canyons of despair. I've seen them from outside my box, and boxed body.

I have a roadmap of my journey in my mind. But it is not finished. (yet.-i) The abominable Iceman cometh.

Editor's Note: Try that GPS and inertial guidance system you were born with.

My teachers called it the "still small voice within"

# 2. 4/5/10 1:45 PM by Jim Mattison there such a thing?

You're a word guy. "Bias" at its root is defined as "a diagonal line". Point A to point B across a grid. The expanded definitions of bias results from the geometrics of moving point B around on the grid. We start at point A and "bias" is defined as where point B ends up.

What I have generally found is that all fact lists ultimately are comprised in a manner that leads to a conclusion, a point B, stated or not. And that conclusion, by definition, is its bias. Does anyone, anywhere, have a spherical view of anything?

Editor's Note: Such a "global" pers[ective might be more prevalent or attainable than you imply.

I dont find it that difficult to put an opinon or prejudgement aside to explore multifaceted perspectives.

I know it is too scary for some who fear admitting that another perspective than the one they usually employ might be valid.

The absolutists or idealists employ such a narrow perspective that actually can help someone who wants to explore depth and detail without the distraction of alternative truths.

I Am more of a globalist even while admitting it can lead to the error of missing detail.

Your question is worthy of consideration if only to help one discover which philosophy of observation they prefer or find themelves employing naturally.

Of course I would never claim to be totally unbiased as that would imply a person not to be subject to any subconscious influence.

Thanks for the thought jog.

# 3. 4/5/10 2:53 PM by little john
thumbsup.gif unbiased judgmentalism- an oxymoronism

just like unbiased cronyism???

unbiased, fair, just. (in who's eyes?)

Blind justice, deaf to reason, speaking softly,
with a BIG stick playing Whack a mole.

equitable... maybe...still tilted...

true or false an absolute or bias...
more true, more false??

fill in the blank

none of the above

all of the above


X or O tic tac toe

And the bias of going first, chess, checkers, or through the minefield. Definitely a bias there.

Just musin'

Editor's Note: as long as we have bodies and their required egos there always be an opportunity for some bias.

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