Idealism, good, bad, or what?-from my Catbird's seat- repost
by Albert 1

# 1. 2/18/10 8:26 AM by deep water - Lake Oneipeein
thanks for the heads up on the year of the tiger, i should make sure of some things before posting them, guess i'm gullible.

Editor's Note: That is why erasers were placed on pencils.

# 2. 2/18/10 1:27 PM by little john
thumbsup.gif The Quirky Quixotic Quasimodo from Bono-Venture.

Idealism without regard to practicality.

The Knight of Nobility and Integrity,

an endangered species of spirit in this day and age.

Thanx John

Editor's Note: I always have had a soft spot in my heart for Don Qixote.

Some windmills need attacking.

# 3. 1/11/13 1:57 PM by mk
I agree that Clinton grew in the Presidency. I disagree about Jimmy Carter. I believe he grew, but maybe not in the direction others wanted for him. Which- when all is said and done- that may be the best growth of all.

Editor's Note: You seem to prefer small government. I suspect that you expect some other factor to regulate human social interactivity. My preference is that government provide the formal regulatory factor of human social activity rather than Darwinian survival of the fittest or a religiously oriented despot.

I also am not a fan of the pure type democracy that equates that principle with majority rule with no inalienable rights. I do not advocate radical or revolutionary change in government that would bypass constitutional procedures.

Although I Am skeptical of the Supreme Court being a fair arbiter of the Constitutional process I also feel that it remains the best choice for the moment.

# 4. 2/5/13 7:28 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed rereading this column...

Idealism is an idea that I deal from M (1000?)

Idealism is a harsh mistress for any president trying to please all the people all the time...

"A true leader should lead people where they ought to go, not where they want to go." a quote I once heard...

(and in my warped mind, sometimes people want to go to the cliff of their own destruction and don't even know it, or why?)

the stampede of steers, lemmings, or sheep, following the Judas goat of a slaughterhouse...

Editor's Note: Sometimes that leader needs to listen to who he leads and turn the steering wheel or ships wheel over to them. In America we vote them out of office or impeach them if necessary but shooting is a no-'no!

Capital punishment doesn't leave room for an oops. I think all punishment is dangerous to the one harmed as well as the wrongdoer.

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