My favorite 'Holy Book'-Where does Truth lie?-Repost
by Albert 1

# 1. 2/18/10 1:15 PM by little john
thumbsup.gif The book of god?
the acrostic's vision.


A bog to beware of; look for the soft spots.
Watch your footing and watch where you step.
"IT Happens"
and sometimes when you step in "IT".
you've stepped in in hard and in "IT" deep.
In "IT" right up to your eyeballs.

Thanx John

The spirit of any book,

is in the eyes,

and the mind,

of the beholder.

Editor's Note: Yes some get "bogged down" The concept of quicksand is not considered.

# 2. 2/18/10 6:55 PM by little john
thumbsup.gif Does that mean if you put quicksand in an hour glass your gl-ass is running fast;

or is it quick time in less than a hour glass.

(I need to share that with my USMC friends.)

just musin'

Editor's Note: could be!

# 3. 2/18/10 7:17 PM by little john
thumbsup.gif Time flies with quicksand in the hourglass.

tempus fugit.

Time Flees. (flies)

Is there such a thing as slow sand???

just musin' John

Editor's Note: Have to keep it dry :=)

# 4. 3/1/10 12:56 PM by little john
thumbsup.gif Reread the column. I once wrote that the Bible is just a truncated bibliography and some people told me that was blasphemous. I soon realized in my homeless manic state of mind, everything I said was blasphemous. Even if some agreed in principle, what homeless man had a right to question the authority of the highest hypocrites.

Then I said something about the pope kissing something and I was outta there. I really think those guys in Rome have a tough job, in their holy sea,(see?), a bubble figurehead that makes me laugh. Another nono for a RC. Can't laugh at things that are funny. Funny strange or funny haha.

Just musin' again Albert. Please don't take offense.

I know we can't use that four letter word that George Carlin spoke of that started with s and ended with t. Cause s--t don't mean nuthin'; neither. Even if the whole world doesn't think so; HIS does stink to high heaven.

And after that they told me don't let the dust settle on your shoes no more.

Thanx John

Editor's Note: Now there is two of us - WOTLers that a holier than us type would like to burn at the stake.

I looked up blaspheme when he accused me and decided I Am definitely out of the closet in that regard. Welcome to the club!

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