What seems more real One God, or many? Who do they serve?
by Albert 1

# 1. 1/29/10 8:26 AM by John The Joonior
thumbsup.gif Alternate perceptions then are alternate realities with respect to frames of reference, perspective, experience, time, and space, of location, location, location.

As for me, and I think you will agree,

I see the world differently.

I think it is my free will that let's me see "IT" differently. Butt I could be wrong.

I know that for a "FACT" by experience.

Thanx John just musin'

Editor's Note: I have written on how "free" I think free will really is.

Consensus is "relatively"

Thanx John

# 2. 1/29/10 9:42 AM by Jim Mattison
Mathew 7:16

I'm some what perplexed. I checked 19 different translations of the Bible and 18 of them said, "fruits", not "acts". One said, "By what they produce", not "what they do". I can't find the verse translated the way you are presenting it here. So "acts" being "the means", and "fruits" being "the ends", I have to disagree with your thesis. I think John the Baptist is a good example of the distinction as his "acts" were rather confusing and distracting...it was his fruits that identified him for what he was.

How do you recognize truth, or right, or goodness if you will? (a true prophet vs a false one) If the Bible is your point of reference, it certainly is not by acts. The Devil will appear as an angel of light. Trials will appear to be burdens when they end up being your savior.

By their "fruits" ye will know them, Albert.

Editor's Note: Ypu may be unnecessarily parsing since "fruits" are the end products of "acts"

Both are very different than "words"

You are correct however in the information and I also agree that in imagining examples what you state here illustrates what I intended to say by means of using a tool I dont consider my main means of viewing reality or culture.

The Bible (in all its versions) has some relevance due to its semi universal recognition but also seems to cause as many problems as it is purported to solve.

Thanx Jim.

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