'Thou shall not worship any other gods before Me'
by Albert 1

# 1. 1/27/10 12:48 PM by Hawkeye - East Rochester
Why do you ASSUME that a national apocalypse will result if the osama government fails? I know it’s a different view of reality, but I see the national apocalypse resulting if osama even accomplishes HALF of his intended hare brained schemes.

And why do you ASSUME that “many Republicans and Neoconservatives . . . are hoping for a total destruction of the Obama Government?”

I don’t even KNOW anyone hoping for a “total destruction of the Obama Government”, but I know a LOT of people hoping that his unreasoned, foolish and inexperienced destructive POLICIES fail. That is an entirely different point of view.

Editor's Note: Who said I assume? Read it again. There is a subtle distinction that my premise is based on.

# 2. 1/27/10 3:25 PM by Jim Mattison

"There seems to be a nihilistic philosophy extant among many Republicans and Neoconservatives where they are hoping for a total destruction of the Obama Government even if a national apocalypse results."

I realize there is some sentiment among Republicans and conservatives that the administration's policies are so objectionable to a major part of the public that his continued pursuit of those policies might be destructive to the Progressive movement specifically and maybe the Democrat party in general...and so that could be construed as "hopeful for destruction"...but "National apocalypse"?...a God instructed government? Talk about seeing boogeymen in the closet! I know of no conservative, Republican, Libertarian, Democrat, or Communist that is hoping the country falls on its ass just to get over on Obama.

Was it not the Democrats and liberals just a few years ago that were perfectly willing to hold vigils in solidarity for hope for the fall of George Bush? And we had a war in Iraq hanging in the balance where "national apocolypse" for the Iraqis might have actually been the result. They claimed they just wanted America to "Be on the right path". I think you considered that an act of patriotic dissent then...odd.

Editor's Note: Wrong! I always have recognized faults or narrowness of though on both sides. I also am aware that all Coservatives are not religious fanatacs, especially the Neoconservatives that tnd to make Patriotism a religion.

Apparently before the desision to bail out the Banks and GM plus the instituting of the cash for clunkers you didnt hera the sentiment that the administratiins should have let the failing companies totally fail. Where were you?

# 3. 1/27/10 7:46 PM by John The Joonior
thumbsup.gif Intensified Consternation by

Catastrophic Chaos of an


Adversarial "PROCESSED" and

"PROGRAMED" Congress of

lawyers and elitists

trying to outsmart themselves and

fool all the people all the time.

The "self-made" mouth pieces of

moral ineptitude and depraved indifference.

as public servants of a superior species,

alien to the spiritual substance of the

Constitution and Bill of Rights.

If they, (big government, Big Brother,) can't take away your perceived rights, they WILL take away every material thing you have, including your health, physiological and mental.

When did The Social Insecurity Act pass? Was it "funded" by the "Patriot Act"?

Super Secret Legislation too classified for the public to know. (behind closed doors?)


"We The People, Could Not Handle The Truth????"

Sorry, just musin,, and rambling.


Editor's Note: We as a people are learning to use our intellects but emotions still rule too often.

Truth has to do with intellect and learning. Emotions are the realm of ego.

Ego is interposed between (body substance and earth) and (spirit, soul and heaven)

Ego is the master of habit and the slave of time.

When ego rules it feeds on strong emotion.

Will can overcome ego if not distracted,

Ego uses emotion to distract will negating it's effect.

Intellect is what will raise us out of the ocens of emotions to the realms of spirit (heaven)

(just some random thoughts for you to chew on)

See I can do that too :=)

One last thought concerning "big government"

As the population increases and the enemies of "big government" shrink it, who is left to rule the people?

The churches perhaps?

Research "Zionism" (Not the Jewish variety necessarily) as you will find the word Zion in many Christian communities.

Jefferson foresaw the effort to return to the type government of King George with it's DIVINE RIGHT OF KINGS and co-responsibility as head of the Church of England.

# 4. 1/28/10 3:05 PM by Jim Mattison
Where was I on what, Albert? Bailout? I thought it was a wasteful mistake then, and still do. But what does this have to do with what you were talking about in 1st place.

I was addressing this: "There seems to be a nihilistic philosophy extant among many Republicans and Neoconservatives where they are hoping for a total destruction of the Obama Government even if a national apocalypse results.

Their hope is that a core group of "right thinkers" can rebuild society as God has instructed them to do.

Fortunately when their radical intentions begin to reveal the reality of what could occur as a result, saner heads prevail and unpalatable but reasonable action replaces the apocalyptic dreams of these wingnuts."

Are you not insinuating that "Many Republicans and Neoconservative" hope for "a total destruction of the Obama Government even if a national apocalypse results."...?

I think that's ridiculous. As I said, I know not one person who feels that way. If you are referring to 'apocalypse worshipers', those people who "look forward with glee to the apocalypse', "Many Republicans and Neoconservatives" is hardly an apt discription...to the point of being "ridiculous".

Editor's Note: In the period when the idea that a bailout was needed there was an obviouds sentiment by a significant vocal contingint to let GM and the Banks fail. \\Perhaps you were one of those but somehow I think you realixe the consequences for the Nation would be much worse than what those calling for letting the failures occur.

Maybe you were out of the country or perhaps you think that I misidentified those calling for no bailout, stimulus or cash for clunkers.

Somehow I Am mystified since you usually seem in touch with the pulse of the nation even if we have major philosophical differences.

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