The slop factor reconsidered. A repost
by Albert 1

# 1. 12/21/09 8:15 AM by John the Rookie
thumbsup.gif "It is why the torque wrench was invented and well used by competent mechanics."

I love it. May I use this line in my letter to my congressmen, and to the royal court of medical malpractice.

Over aggressive medication for what didn't ail me. Blood pressure so low, smoking saved my life. Go Figure?

Also why, even when using a torque wrench, you should alternate across diagonally the bolts or studs attaching a head to a block. (So as to NOT warp the head.) or blow the gasket.

Thanx AXM--the Cross-Threaded Jarhead Blockhead.

Editor's Note: Torquing anything is a skill.

When I attach a delicate rifle scope to a gun tightening the involved screws is something done is planned stages to avoid distorting the scope.

I also insist mechanics torque the wheel lugs on my car.

# 2. 12/23/09 12:57 PM by BF
"I also insist mechanics torque the wheel lugs on my car."

As torque is the twisting force, do you mean alternate which lugs are being tightened at any given time?

That's the way I learned how to tighten the lugs on my car's wheels too.

Editor's Note: A torque wrench measures the exact ampoiunt of foot pounds force that the wrench applies to the lug nut.

This makes it easier to change tires in an emergency and still be assured that the whell wont come off by accident.

Tightening all of the lug nuts or bolts (depending on the car) evenly also assure that the wheel can be balanced better.

Not too many home mechanics have a torque wrench. The cheaper ones have a built in visable scale. The better ones can be set and click when the right pressure is applied to the handle.

I dont even know if I still own one of the cheaper ones.

The alternate tightening procedure is a good secondary means to achieve a balanced wheel mounting. Torquing with the special wrench is the ultimate procedure.

# 3. 4/1/10 12:47 AM by M.E. - N.Y.
thumbsup.gif Your columns amaze me. Is there any subject that you don't know? You are so diversified in any subject you write about. Learn something new every day from you and your fellow commenters.

Editor's Note: You will find me deficient in sports knowledge.

My favorite pastime in study halls was going thru the Comptons Encyclopedias page by page.

I also am a media junkie and read a lot or at least used to . Now I have been taken college level courses on religion and quantum mechanics.

# 4. 4/1/10 12:59 AM by little john
thumbsup.gif The torque is what keeps us tight and even headed. If we over torque we warp the stress and tension of things meant to be kept aligned and fastened securely.

If we under torque the loose nuts, square, hexed, and winged, we have a tendency to have loose screws and winged nuts flying loose at the most inopportune times.

just ask the crossheaded, square,and winged-nutted amish ex-marine that was hexed by over torqued non mechanics left on the bench too long..

thanx just musin'

Editor's Note: My Acura used to require precision torquing of wheel lugs.

When I helped align radars on the missle sites I maintained the precision we needed to set them up for had to be accurate at over one hundred miles within the burst zone of our AA missles which was a very small cone of destruction.

That had to be accomplished with some pretty crude tools.

The wrong wrench could damage a nut to where it could no longer be critically torqued. The days of the dumb soldier have long passed.

Mu radar school was 44 weeks long and had a big dropout rate but the guys who made it through became bretty good field engineers in electrol mechanical maintainance.

I still am not a good car mechanic as I know it requires experince I never have had opportunity to acquire.

# 5. 1/28/13 8:31 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed the reread...

Gave me an idea for the slop factor in law... Or Family Law as it were.

Close enough for government work doesn't even scratch the warped surface of NYS Family Law...

Plaintiff wins big, defendant loses big, and all lawyers win big... Its not about law, it's the "slop factor" of money changing hands. The family law of redistribution without real accountability or responsibility...

Some of the contestants, like me, just aren't wrapped too tight, (or torqued too much, and have stripped their gears...???...)

Editor's Note: What I Am curious about John, is how much energy, mental and emotional and possibly otherwise is being spent on that portion of journey past.

In my philosophy that area is far from the point whet the rubber now meets the road ( your here and now).

It is like trying to push an insubstantial idea with physical force. The two are incompatible.

Some call that pi&&ing in the wind but I have too much empathy concerning the situation you are beginning to come out of to treat it with disdain.

It hurt you. Until the rest of us can know how much you must continue to show us in your own way.

You are a very loving man who are loving again for which I Am thankful to be part of the process you have chosen to endure.

I know it's not easy but it can work if allowed to unfold at it 's own rate.

# 6. 3/19/14 6:47 PM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif Moderation in everything is perhaps an oversimplification, but still the most universally GOOD, advice to give anyone who does or does not partake of whatever antagonistic substance...

Editor's Note: Eccleastes speaks of ' a time' for both qualities. Duality, in play, Shifting perspective eliminates duality.

# 7. 3/20/14 10:20 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Good mechanics are surprisingly precise in "feeling" proper torque. And wrenches are sized so a quite snug feel will be in the proper range. Should never be a need to strain and cuss when using the right wrench. One can also tell the condition of the fastener just by how it feels going on or off...should be smooth...not galled, crossed, loose or mushroomed. Good analogy for interactions between life's studs and nuts. Leaders must have The Touch or they will under or over torque. Alas - a lot of that going on lately. Two leaders, each with a wrench ostensibly coordinating to snug up a relationship. If they cooperate - things go smoothly. If they fight each other the job gets screwed up. It's an art requiring ego, respect, confidence, trust, expectations, empathy, fairness, coordination, truthfulness and reliability - all in moderation. A tall order for most mortals.

Editor's Note: That is why I have seen many leader type hopefuls on the way to the top stumble big time.

Many Presidential hopefuls with less than obvious faults that finally got in the way have learned this despite their other stellar accomplishments.

The Process is almost Divine in it's subtlety.

What I term 'slop' could probably better be seen as perceptual error of what is actually happening and why.

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