'A Stranger in a Strange Land'-or 'Ba Ba Black Sheep' repost
by Albert 1

# 1. 12/7/09 2:06 PM by John
thumbsup.gif As an outsider, a "misfit", I can relate.

My reality is of unique experience and introspection.

"Human salvation lies in the Hands of the Creatively maladjusted." MLKJr.

Thanx John

Editor's Note: You will like my writing on "The Slop Factor" if you can find it. If you cant I will repost it to a current date. Let me know.

BTW "Creative maladjustment" is the basis of positive evolution. It is facilitated by the principle I named "the slop factor".

# 2. 3/31/10 9:29 AM by little john
thumbsup.gif Reread your column. And is the black sheep any different than the white sheep, to the keeper of blind faith? The sheep who are lead by a goat into the waters to drown, or to the stock market to be fleeced. Black or white, it is the controllers of the goats that lead the majority of the sheep. I am an unconventional, and unorthodox, non-compliant, a fugitive for having a mind of my own. An open mind, a free thinker in a compartmentalized world of cell phones and cell philosophies. I let my thoughts soar, above the roar of all the diverse maddening crowds, who are chained to the earth by shackles of their own designs.

I see the world differently, and smile, cause I know you do too.

Thanx John

Editor's Note: Just watch out for thm Judas Goats.

I wonder what is in store for tomorrow's columns.

Thanx John.

# 3. 4/1/10 4:56 PM by BF
"I am an unconventional, and unorthodox, non-compliant. . ."

I see myself much the same way, but I have adapted to "the norm" pretty well, I guess.

I would add "iconoclastic" to the mix.

I'll bet my Mother lived to rue the day she ever pulled me from Parochial school!

Editor's Note: Much of a child's deep atittudes are formed in the home by the parents, not the school.

I know my acrophobia was from my mother and the transver is non verbal.

The stuff in school is easily changed in comparison.

# 4. 4/1/10 5:29 PM by BF
How many years did you spend in Parochial school, Albert?

Those nuns were very specific (read: Draconian) in how we were to think, what we were to believe in, and how to behave.

Parochial school for many kids had long-reaching imprints, both positive and negative. It's why parents send kids there in the first place.

Editor's Note: I realize some were that way and then you had schools lke Mercy (Our Lady of Mercy) that my Aunt attende, Good Shephard in Henrietta that my Mother attended so I have some familiarity with some thet no doub were not as severe as what you attnded.

A friend that lived in Brians neighborhood pulled her daughter out because the school was laying a guilt trip on the girl concerning sex.

I wouldnt paint them all with the same brush but still stick by what I said that what a parent teaches non verbally can be stronger and longer lasting.

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