Connecting the dots-Conservative Christianity and Islam
by Albert 1

# 1. 12/8/09 8:47 AM by Mark - Greece
I believe that one of the foundations of any major religion is that if we followed its Supreme Being's guidelines, there would be virtually no need for man-made laws. But there is no consistent standard for 'moral behavior,' especially when it seems that the definition changes from generation to generation. Or one group is willing to violate its own teachings and kill indiscriminately to be seen as the 'one true religion.'

Editor's Note: You are assuming that all religions have one "supreme being" Some have many and a few none.

# 2. 12/8/09 1:14 PM by John
thumbsup.gif Ultra Conservative Puritans are not necessarily true to any organized faith of peace.

Extremist radicals can be found masked in any super sanctimonious sect of any religion.

The infallible power of self corrupting influence, is like a juggernaut of immense momentum of irresistible fate.

Moral crusaders of infinite zeal.

: to engage in a crusade : attack zealously : strive to further a cause

Everything is relative, to each and every man's own mind.

Be kind, be good, be honest, be humble.

Thanx John

Editor's Note: So very true. Idealists of any stripe can be a big problem since they dont think in practical terms. They are good people to get ideas from but then a pragmatist has to make the idea work in the real world.

# 3. 12/8/09 3:08 PM by Jim Mattison
Although Christian morality has definitely influenced regional lawmakers here in America, I see very little of it at the Federal level, and even that is diminishing rather than expanding. I see a trend, however, after years of laboring to identify undue Christian influence in local and state laws, towards replacing "religious" values for a set of "secular" values that can be enforced without all seperation protections that can be used to combat religious encroachment. At some point, we are going to have to reclaim the primacy of personal freedom or we're going to take it on the chin from an arbitrator of values that serves the demands of some other authority whether that authority claims divinity...or just plain ol' better judgment. So don't tread on me. Whether you wear a collar, a turban, or a neck tie makes no difference.

Editor's Note: A big "amen" to that'

I know you have expressed true Libertarian values. I wonder what you think of Right Wing Christians possibly taking control of that party and doing away with it's liberal social values'

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