Sometimes 'All or Nothing' is the only fair way-Updated to cover Scalia's comment
by Albert 1

# 1. 10/7/09 2:05 PM by EmotionalWave
Catholic churches have their own cemeteries as do other christian churches. One does not expect to see anything but crosses or angels there. In a cemetery that buries all faiths, one would expect to see all manner of memorial stones, according to the culture/religion of the deceased. That is only proper. A Budest should not expect to be buried in a Christian cemetery anymore than a Christian should expect to be buried in a Shinto or Jewish temple burial ground.

Editor's Note: I guess the problem is that the government has thought it proper to have a National Cemetary for military people and perhaps other government officials. Arlington comes to mind. I recall even seein the Islamic crescent over some soldiers graves buried there.

I hve no problem with private cemetaries like church owned ones setting up their own rules but could see how some families would when spouses or children dont share the same faith.

# 2. 10/9/09 9:00 AM by Mark - Greece
When that cross was erected 70 years ago, it raised no hackles. People had a 'live and let live' (Not really appropriate for a cemetary) attitude, there was no ACLU stirring the pot. On one hand, the cross should be 'grandfathered' in, but on the other, we also need to factor in the public consciousness. Anyone authorized burial there should be allowed a symbol of their faith. But there should be limits, they can't be gaudy.

Editor's Note: Seventy years ago I dont think society could imagine a Buddhist memorial or have seen the need for one. I mentioned more than once the issue began with Buddhists being denied a memorial.

Tradition has its place but not as a club to deny or marginalize others.

I agree with the rest of your comment.

I have seen pictures of graves at Arlington and have no doubt that certain Fundamentalists have problems that non Christian symbols are on display. The ACLU was doing its job protecting the rights of the Buddhist veterans who also deserve to be honored.

To imply as many on this issue have that the ACLU wants to deny the cross is a red herring. If all symbols are permitted like they are at Arlington the ACLU will go on to other matters.

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