One God or more? Most Christians seem to have settled on two and some even three.
by Albert 1

# 1. 9/21/09 12:24 PM by emotional wave
Just to set the record straight, the Jews worship ONE GOD. Christians worship that same God, but because HE came to Earth as man, HE is also GOD THE SON, and because HE died for us, HE is also GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT. Therefore we do not worship three gods, but GOD IN THREE PERSONS. That is the BLESSED TRINITY. On a more personal level,most people have different personas but they are still the one person. I am a woman, a mother, a grandmother a teacher a lover, a friend but I am still me, one person.

Editor's Note: From your perspective that makes sense. However the way Christians treat Jesus as they consider him as a "Son" of God sure seems like a separate person to me.

Any other father and son pairing are considered as being two individuals.

# 2. 9/21/09 2:34 PM by Jay - OR
There are confusing and contradictory scriptural statements that have fueled the Mystery (which I frankly see as more Hellenic than believed by the first Christians). I see the most germane statement by Jesus was during his Intercessory Prayer, wherein he prayed that ". . . they (his followers) all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee . . . " That implies that the oneness must be in purpose. Any other interpretation is strained beyond credulity.

Bees instinctively recognize their purpose. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost certainly divinely communicate the same purpose. That we might too is more problematical, hence His prayer. I'm not sure your connection, other than that.

Editor's Note: "Bees instinctively recognize" seems to imply a high order of consciousness. I would say "Bees are genetically programmed"

It is this programming process that confirms to me a Universal Spirit to all of life.

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