'You know the rules' ........From 2009
by Albert 1

# 1. 9/11/09 7:00 AM by Kevin - Roch.
..Watch one too many episodes of 'Kung Fu'?

# 2. 9/11/09 11:04 AM by erik
thumbsup.gif hey albert thank goodness for deep thoughts. life has gotten very interesting for me. ive seen a few auras,read a few minds, felt some hot womans energy and still cant write for crap. i love when wease busts on lonsberry(fake tough guy)and i hope i get some free health care(but please dont kill granny- she still has some good cookies left in her!)hope things are well my friend! p.s. i aspire to be a bum on the beach

Editor's Note: I hope the readers here realize you are not the same as the "eric" who has been prominent on this site for a while. I have always found your comments to be interesting and definitely those of one who marches to a different drum. You must have had some interesting experiences that you could write about . If you dont want to subscribe you could always tack an experience on some column that it might relate to.

# 3. 1/8/17 9:30 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
Hi, Albert! Great topic; I composed my response as a column. Tom

Editor's Note: What a great place this would be if we all inspired columns AND comment via acqnowledgement as you have.

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