From Inkwells to Internet, Updated
by Albert 1

# 1. 8/18/09 7:28 AM by Sharon - Chili, NY
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And many more.

Editor's Note: Thanks Sharon. This is one habit I intend to make as permanent as possible considering the alternative. I still cant get over how fast time flies by when one is having so much fun.

# 2. 8/18/09 9:09 AM by Hawkeye - East Rochester, NY
Best wishes on your coming birthday.

Editor's Note: Thanks hawk. The brown santa brought me a chronograph yesterday.

# 3. 8/18/09 12:17 PM by joe - roc
And another Happy Birthday! Celebrating with a beer at the White House are we?

Dipping in the inkwell to practice penmanship? Well here's one update from the Internet age; kids can't write in cursive anymore. If they're not keyboarding then it's p-r-i-n-t-i-n-g

I love computers, I hate computers. I think I'm happy not having had a computer as a kid (outside of missing out on all that porn). I kind of like seeing the before/after. And I don't always think the "after" is always for the better. I think we're basing too much on an infrastructure that changes daily and that is hacked daily.

Editor's Note: I never could write cursive worth a d##n.

Got a most improved award once when it became legible. As long as I can also hack there's hope. I grew up before the growth of personal computing and built my first one from a kit of parts that all needed to be soldered onto printed circuit boards so I now have a special appreciation for the ones available off the shelf.

There's much in the past I miss until I realize what I would prefer not to experience again that was happening at the same time.

# 4. 8/18/09 12:43 PM by BF
Happy Birthday from me, too, Albert.

You are the YOUNGEST 72 year-old I have the privilege of knowing.

Editor's Note: Its all in a secret potion I consume. Its only good for a hundred and forty four years then what do I do?

# 5. 5/25/10 10:23 AM by Lynne
I'm older than you, I will be 72 in July of 2010! My life has been difficult but I've learned a lot!!

Editor's Note: You have me beat by a month!

I have been fortunate to pilot my own way thru life at the expense of not sharing it with anyone on a permanent basis but that may change as I have signed no pledge to live alone forever.

I think all of us at this age have learned a lot even though the experinces vary.

Sharing our experience and knowledge with others is a gift some of us learn to do.

I used to think anything past forty was old age now I Am looking forward to many more years hopefully to be sharing with another.

Life can be great if one dares take a risk once and a while and I have taken many usually with good outcomes..

Thanks Lynne.

# 6. 5/25/10 12:35 PM by Jim - Rochester
Happy Birthday Albert, you have me beat by a couple of months.

Since you were into computers early on, perhaps you can identify this

It's a 1956 hard disk ...a HDD with 5 MB storage!

In September 1956 IBM launched the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with a hard disk drive (HDD). The HDD weighed over a ton and stored 5 MB of data.

Editor's Note: The "disk" was actually a drum if I recall correctly.

What has been amazing me is the sixe solid state memory has reacjhed with no need for moving parts.

I just bought an I Pad and am enjoying this latest example of current state of the art.

BTW I also now own a backup drive for my Apple Mac that holds one TB of data. (Look up Terrabyte)

Then realize how many of those drums it would take to store the same quantity of data.

I have almost my entire CD library (eight GBs didnt quite hold all) stored on my IPOD Touch that takes up much less room.

# 7. 5/25/10 10:16 PM by M.E. - N.Y.
thumbsup.gif Thank you for your very interesting history of which you must be very proud of. You are great at everything you do and then some.

Maybe we shall have a big party for you this year for your birthday.Like a picnic get together of you wotlers out there. Any ideas?

Editor's Note: They have been held before with great success.

Since there are others who have been faithful members and commenters on this site a less personal theme than my birthday might be appropriate.

There have also been less formal get togethers of just a handful of members as getting a large group to coordinate schedules is like herding cats.

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