How to identify a Fascist
by Albert 1

# 1. 7/21/09 10:35 AM by BF
I read an article this morning about a guy in Germany who got into trouble with the local constabulary for creating garden gnomes with their right arms raised in Nazi salute.

He meant it as a joke, but The Law in Germany does not take Nazi remnants lightly.

The man alluded to the fact that the Nazis were on the far right. I guess he might know.

Editor's Note: If anyone would know the results of unaddressed hate crime they would. They also dont treat Christofascists too kindly.

# 2. 7/21/09 12:15 PM by Will - Greece
Sorry, Albert, but I just cannot read 20 or so one or two sentence "paragraphs." Why are you unable (or maybe just unwilling) to write in paragraph form? One thought, one topic, one paragraph. It will be much easier for people to read and follow (especially me:-). Thanks

Editor's Note: I feel badly that my stream of consciousness style grates on you. I realize it is unconventional but dont see how it has that effect on some.

If I slowed down to compose I would lose my train of thought that I consider vital to content.

I guess some day I'll have to hire an editor to compose for me. Thanks for the input as I do want to know of anything that interferes with my communication.

You might notice that I have occasionally composed with paragraphs. It all depends on my initial thought stream.

# 3. 7/21/09 7:14 PM by Jay - OR
Thought provoking. It does seem your free-flow of ideas combines thoughts about Fascism as a form of government, and fascism as an attitude, or personality characteristic.

The idea of totalitarianism has been around for centuries. The term or label "fascist" is of more recent origination, probably less than a century. It is young in comparison with the other forms you have discussed. It would seem to me that the definition is still evolving, and more than a little subjective.

Being as objective as I can, it seems to me that the distinguishing attributes of Fascism are shared in great part with socialism and early stages of communism--both partaking of more and more totalitarianism as they become entrenched. There is the matter of a dictator (elected in name only) that is parallel to Soviet Union and Cuban communism.

For you to place it on the right in the spectrum of Left-Right also seems disingenuous to me, though that spectrum also seems artificial to me at best. For instance, can you answer: Starting with conservatism, can you suggest stages, moving to the right, that lead to eventual fascism?

Editor's Note: Jay I dont know what my work would be without you as you have as far as I can determine accrrately analyzed what I wrote and that is no simple feat.

I attempted to add some balance at the end by admitting that all I accused the Right of could be found on the Left.

I did base the entire column on the Oxford service description.

I think the history of pre WWII Germany of the huperinflation coupled with a general inertia of the populace gave Hitler and his small movement opportunity for unimpeded growth.

The condition I have previously described of the growth of a "clan of egos" was obvious. There seemed to be no organized opposition to afford and balance.

The smart Jews took their wealth out of the country rather than attempting to finance any counter force to the Nazi=Fascist growth.

Similar conditions of inertia were present in other parts of the world and the American depression and desire not to involve in international problems while suffering economic depression is all history.

What fascinates me about Fascism is it's ability to be found in individuals of both extreme ideals.

I do realize i could find equal examples on the left.

In our present situation I Am aware of how some things have changed like when Bush I stopped Hussein's move that was so similar to Hitlers early move into the Sudetenland.

I also was pleased when the world and Clinton reacted to the photos of the Serbian concentration camps and Clinton's support of the UN's successful countering of the Serbian Fascism. That illustrates to me that the human race is evolving nd learning from history.

Ypur use of he word conservatism is hard to reference since I do not see the order conservatism and neoconservatism as having much more in common that the word "conservative"

Its a lot like the penchant for attempting to find real personal freedom in what some view as Liberalism which can have attributes of a fascist rather than a really liberating philosophy.

It is why I decry pure idealism as opposed to pragmatism.

# 4. 7/21/09 7:41 PM by Casey
"What is the true opposite of Fascism?"

It's democracy.

Editor's Note: Be careful. When 51% of a group can control 49 without respect to the 49's basic rights that is fascist. I also have called it "civilized gangsterism"

It's why I prefer the American government which is a constitutional republic rather than a democracy like many assume it is.

We vote on many things as one would in a democracy but many vital things are done contrary to the mood of the majority like the civil rights revolution that was opposed by a significant vocl majority.

# 5. 7/22/09 11:44 AM by Casey
Huh? You lost me... democracy IS an antonym of fascism. It's a fact. Nothing to be careful about.

Editor's Note: demoicracy can be oppressive to 49 percent of a people when the 51 percent win and force a policy on them. Where have you been while Bush's winners were doing their thing? Gore onl lost by a whisker yet as a result Bush set the policies.

# 6. 7/22/09 6:36 PM by Casey
What? You still have me lost. I think you might be mixing my comments up with another column you wrote. All I was doing was answering the question you posted in your column. Nothing more or less.

Editor's Note: I thought I was trying to show you the fallacy of considering democracy as an ideal philosophy.

The original statement from you that I zeroed in on and some subsequent ones plus a few things in the hazy past have led me to believe that I knew a little of how you think. I think I still do.

When you made the comment about democracy i attempted to give you a different perspective on that concept.

I think the nature of my reply must have been too far off the mark to communicate effectively with.

E mail does have it's limitations and this appears to be one of them.

We do have some common areas we share well but sometimes I can recognize an area that good communication is not possible within at the present time..

This may be one of them. Even with our common friend I find certain perspectives impossible to share from where that person and I are presently at.

I value WOTL as a laboratory where I can learn how to communicate more effectively with people I want to.. Part of the process is understanding when that is not happening. Stick around as I have patience and a willingness to learn.

# 7. 7/22/09 7:53 PM by Casey
OK, I got cha now. I wasn't trying to debate the republic / democracy issue, just answer the question and that was it. But with that said...

I believe our fine country is both a democracy and republic.

Editor's Note: Of course it is Casey and it is what gives me hope. When things go out of whack as far as they did from one aspect the other comes thru as it did last November. I still think the timing of the economic crises was divine. This remains a government of, for, and by the people. I would advise the chicken littles and other doom sayers not to hold their breath waiting for the end.

Thanks for being there and responding .

# 8. 7/23/09 6:44 AM by BF
I have an idea, Albert, that may help you communicate more effectively in your writing.

Try using commas.

(I'm ducking now! :-)

Editor's Note: I have found them more useful. my first hurdle a few years ago was breaking down long sentences.

I know Will was correct with his suggestion that I form paragraphs. A lot depends an editing rather than the present short interval between stream of consciousness and publication.

My better columns are written days ahead and post dated.

I then do some real editing but usually for content accuracy.

My Macintosh spell checker has been a Godsend..

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